1. R

    Need help: Hard 1st to 2nd shift and codes. P0700P, P0731.

    Hello to anyone reading. I am new to jeeps and the jeep world. I recently acquired a 2005 jeep wrangler rubicon with 98k miles. It has a hard 1st to 2nd shift and wont go past 2nd. After doing some research everything pointed to a failing PCM. I replaced the unit and it is still having the...
  2. MikeE024

    Banks Turbo Tune in a Wranglerfix PCM

    I recently spoke with Mark @Wranglerfix after installing his PCM in my 2005 Rubicon Wrangler. Doing so solved my random rough idle and #3 misfire. I let him know I successfully installed the Banks Turbo tune in his PCM, which was previously thought to not be possible. This is a big deal for...
  3. Bouska

    Getting p0700 with no other codes after wranglerfix

    05 TJ will be driving fine and out of the blue check engine light appears and Jeep goes to limp mode. I unplug the battery and reset wranglerfix pcm, and everything is good for about 50 more miles. Then back to limp mode. Turning the key 3 times results in a p0700, but no other codes appear.
  4. R

    Engine codes clear after engine cuts out

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the Jeep world and got my fist one last week, I think I got stiffed on the purchased 2006 4.0 Auto LJ Rubicon not so honest seller DMV back feeds and cleared codes all of which he said the opposite. Any way its mine now and I'll let me lawyer deal with him . Here are a...