2005 Rubicon; A Rubi Brother

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Sep 1, 2018
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Ok so this thread started in the TJ discussion forum but after already posting some updates I decided to have it moved to the build thread.

This will be my fourth Jeep and 3rd TJ, but my first Rubicon! It's a 2005 with the NSG370. It came with a hard and soft top, and was bone stock upon purchase. I bought it from the original owner who purchased it new in November of 2004. It's been well kept mechanically and aesthetically and needed nothing major done.

So far my plan is to do what I had originally planned to do with my last Jeep Jalapeño before I sold it, which for now will start off with a 2" BB, 1.25" BL, 32s, Antirock, and at least an inch of tuck, maybe more. It helps that I already have front and rear lockers. I love cruising around off of the beaten path, but rock crawling has become very appealing to me after doing Elvis Trail with the AZ crew last December. I'm at a crossroads as to what do do, but it'll be easy to add to my planned setup if I want to move to 33s or 35s down the road.

So far as of 10/5, I have installed the 32s, the 2" BB, the 1.25" BL, the 1" MML, and the Antirock. I had thought I would need a Savvy TC shifter but after the body lift my TC still shifts smooth, so I can put that on the back burner for now. I had also planned on getting a super short SYE to prepare for a tuck but I'm also going to wait on that until I know a tuck is coming.


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Thanks everyone! White hides the scratches best. It is a 6-speed and it’s very weird learning the ratios after having two other Jeeps with the five speed. First gear with the 4:1 reduction is absolutely ludicrous.

Unsure about plans for this one. Tires are almost dead so I’ve already ordered new 265/75r16 tires (Cooper AT3 LTs) and a 2” BB just to get by for now. 4.10s will be low enough for the 32s as well.

I’m going to get a Savvy BL just on the chance I decide to tuck, and that will also gain me roughly 3.25” net lift for the 32s. I also have a set of Savvy control arms for the rear to tweak pinion angles if I go that route. If I do tuck, I’ll start a build thread because by then I’ll be past the point of no return. I really wanted an auto but this one was too good to pass up. I’ll figure out a way to swap one in in the future if I get that far with it.
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Perfect color! Me likey!

Technically, white is the absence of color. No colors can be mixed together to create white.

Thanks everyone! White hides the scratches best.

White is good at that but doesn't hide any dark colored dirt. Black seems to be the opposite regarding scratches and dirt. As much as I don't like silver vehicles, silver seems to do a better job at hiding stuff than the others.

Anyway, that is a great looking Jeep. It looks like it's been sitting on the showroom floor it's whole life with just enough sun shining in to start to fade the black plastic parts.