33s or 35s?


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Feb 27, 2017
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No, you need 5” overall for 35’s to work. You’ll be rubbing your control arms and tub at 2”.

A 4” suspension lift and 1” body lift would work. But you’d have to do a lot of other stuff too. Control arms, trackbar a, shocks, SYE and DC, brakes, sway bar extensions, spring perch modification, et al. Going to 35’s is a lot of work.

Ideally for 33’s you should have 4” overall lift


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Jan 14, 2019
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I run 3" suspension lift with 1.25" body lift - 35's, total of 4.25". Plenty of clearance on the road (wouldn't need body lift). When offroading it is just barely enough to keep from rubbing.


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Feb 3, 2019
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Let’s also mention the fact of a regear. Stock gears with 33’s (depending on what you have, god forbid you have 3.07’s!) is painfully bad, 35’s....nope!

It’s a can of worms and a lot of money to properly move to 35’s. I have owned two prior TJ’s. My first ended up on 35’s.

The next I did 33’s. My current Rubicon has 33’s and it stay that way. Been down that road before, I caution you unless you have the funds!

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Nov 24, 2017
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As alluded to above, the step to 35" tires will require some expensive modifications that will not be necessary if you stay with 33" tires.

Perhaps the first question to answer for yourself is whether you need 35" tires or want them. Are your 33" tires the limiting factor in getting to where you want to go? Would 35" tires get you there any better?

There will be plenty of advice here on lifts, gears, steering, stronger axle shafts, better brakes, etc., and no shortage of suggestions on how to spend your money. However, if you don't really need 35" tires you can save a lot of money by sticking to the 33" tires you have, which can be put toward other modifications that make your family's jeeping experiences better.

To put things in perspective, there was a day when 31" tires were considered "big" and 33's were "huge." Now it seems that 35's are the new 33's and 31's are thought of as small.
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