Am I the only one who thinks a snorkel on a TJ is crazy?

A member ran one to provide cooler air to his turbo...I couldn't stomach going that route
I had a motor I wouldn't have hydrolocked if I had a snorkel. That being said, a little less stupid probably would have saved me that motor as well.

I think they should be viewed more as a just in case thing than a submarine mod. Then you need to decide if you can stomach one. They aren't for me, but I don't go into violent spasms the way some do when I see one on someone else's Jeep. Now angry eyes, that's a different thing all together.
I've had water above the fenders when my area flooded one year, air intake is moved to the cowl and had no issues. there are better ways to move your intake up and get cooler air if that is your end goal. no electrical issues
From what i gather,snorkles are useful for getting the air duct up out of dust and dirt in desert environments like australia and africa
They don't help there at all, it just places the intake out in the middle of it. Especially if you're not the lead vehicle.

Dusty Jeep.JPG

Dusty Trail.jpg
I've always wondered about the performance hit from the engine having to pull air through such a longer intake tube.
I saw a tj today with a snorkel and thought to myself that makes no sense. It seems to me by the time water reaches the air filter level you've got much more serious electrical and mechanical problems! And, you'd better be wearing galashes! I personally don't like the look but I guess that's beside the point.

No, you aren't crazy at all. I've been ranting about snorkels for years.

While they do their intended job, submerging your TJ in water to those levels is going to cause more problems than most people care to imagine.
Not just on TJs, but other vehicles as well, I'd wager that the number of times most of those vehicles were driven in water deep enough to require a snorkel could be counted on one hand rolled into a fist.

The "Overlander" look is what most are going for.

Snorkel, Angry birds grille, and Ducks on the dash. The Trifecta of the Ultimate Overlander.

The Duck can be substituted for a never-been-used Hi-Lift jack mounted somewhere very obvious.

But eh, it all comes down to not my circus and not my monkey.

People can do what they want to their vehicle with their money.

Some mods appeal to 5% of the population and look awful to the other 95%.

But in that 5% is where they want to be noticed.

I want to install an extra tall snorkel then get a whip antenna with a diver down flag purely for the amusement of others. :ROFLMAO:
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Everyone knows i’m opinionated-

This is sort of how I take them-

To me it is “signaling”-

“here I go and I may have to ford water as deep as this to get there- I am extreme”-

I also think it could give an 18 year old boy a false sense of capability with what a vehicle can do, ideas like this


This is the reason a guy bought my 2003, his knucklehead u-boat commander son did this.

It also makes me wonder “do you not understand, that is not going to help you”

I guess coming from a standpoint of being 57, avoiding deep water in a rig and common sense, I am diametrically opposed to the snorkel mindset.
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