American soundbar, ds18


Feb 14, 2024
Hi there,

I am about to get to buy either the American soundbar or the ds18 one.
If any of you have some pics of both that would be great (with pro and con).
It’s quite expensive and I can find any video for tj or enough good pics.
I am genuinely curious how it sounds
Getting it with the Rockford Fosgate amp or your own??

If you decide to go for it, post up pics of the install and video if possible. I cant see you balancing the sound stage which ill be a “CON” so to speak.
I think they are overkill. You can't have but two channels, so what's the point of eight speakers? I could see if you had a 7.1 sound system, with the speakers all around you. But, having eight speakers, one foot from your ears, is just asking to be deaf from loss of hearing. You have two speakers of the front channel, and eight speakers on the rear channel? It's horribly unbalanced. Just get an Alpine 1500 watt amp 5 channel amp, 4 good 5.25" speakers, a regular tj soundbar, and a subwoofer setup, and then you'll have a great system. Loading up speakers on one channel, right next to your ears, is a bad decision to me. A recipe for deafness.
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not sure about neither of the soundbars... but in my harley I have 4 DS-18 speakers and they are AWSOME when they are well powered...
Installed the ds18 in a JK, it sounds great. The wiring took a little time, but the end result was very nice.