Anyone else into RC rock crawling?

Myself, sons, and a number of wheeling buddies have SCX24’s, including @Sunny Side Up.

A group of us hold periodic competitions and the winner takes the traveling trophy.

Here’s my rig.

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they are addictive little things!

Thanks guys.... Christmas just went over budget for my son. Trying a SCX24 with the C10 body!


I was trying to get my kid interested in an scx24 for Christmas and he does want one, but it was like #3 on the list and at it's price point it needs to be #1.
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Axial just came out with a scx10 III as a CJ7....a model I'd have bought if it had existed in August. Good to see the OG Jeeps getting some love, finally, rather than the JLs they seem to favor.


I'll wait until people are parting them out on eBay and grab a body. Not sure my motor will fit under the floor but that's a bridge I'll cross when I get there.
Couple guys in my jeep club got me into RC crawlers a few years ago. I dove in a little hard. I've got an axial capra, FMS Mashigan, Axial SCX10.2 kit with comanchee body, SCX24 gladiator, scx24 c10 on gecko chassis, LGRP ripper, LGRP Ultra4, and an FMS Fcx24 blazer. I also picked up an X-maxx after trying out my buddys last year. wicked fun car. I might try and offload the 10.2 to get the new 10.3 CJ which looks awesome. I am also working on a RC4WD TF2 stretched to be a 4 door square body. That's a project that's going to take me way too long to finish. I've got the most money sunk into the capra. Very fun buggy, just tough to find challenging obstacles for it now. Built a 1/24 course in my basement last spring. Although i keep making changes so don't know when I'll ever get to painting it.



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