Ball Joints: Teraflex vs. Spicer

Control arm bolt is loose.

Assuming one has checked and torqued all control arm bolts and still suffers this type of noise/condition, would bad control arm bushings be a safe follow up? They didn't look obviously worn but are exhibiting fine checking/cracking of the rubber, what little of them I can see. I've got a noise similar to that described coming from the front end of my LJ and I've already checked the fasteners.
Control arm bolt is loose.

Yep, I was just under there adjusting the arms, my diff was hitting the steering. The arms are only two years old, “shhh, they are metalcloak.” I’m not sure if it’s relevant, I did upgrade to the Currie steering. Unfortunately I cannot remember when it started.
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Mine are tight but completely shot... have been for a while... building a shop has killed my finances and I'm saving up for Saavy control arms.

Keep on popping! And yes I'm risking breaking things meanwhile.


Are you posting your shop build anywhere, Mac? I’ve seen a few shots but would love to see more.
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