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Oct 16, 2016
Youngsville, LA, United States
So I have this antenna stub on the rear of my jeep from the previous owner. I'm wanting to install a CB radio in my jeep and I would like to use an existing antenna mount. Can anyone identify what type of antenna this mount is for?
I brought it to an audio big box store but they were no help. Should I just start over? It looks like the antenna would be removable.

Thanks in advance

I have no clue, but it looks easy enough to remove and reuse the mount for a fresh one.
I am looking for a mount that would go in that location too but for a trail flag. Any idea what mount that is?
The upper part of that mount in your photo is the lower half of a quick disconnect for the missing antenna. That upper part just unscrews from the lower part that has the two 5/8" hex surfaces Remove that upper part (the lower half of the quick disconnect) with a wrench and you can screw in a CB antenna like a FIrestik FS-2 or FS-3 which are 2' and 3' antennas. Most CB antenna bases have a 3/8x24 thread which is standard. You'll need to tune the new antenna though, you'll need an SWR meter which can be found on Amazon for under $20.

This is how it will look once you remove that top part. Make sure your antenna mount is assembled and located on the mounting bracket exactly as shown below. ESPECIALLY make sure the "Insulated Shoulder Washer" (made from white nylon) is there and located exactly (!) as shown below. If anything shown below is out of order on yours, the antenna likely won't work so just verify it is assembled as shown. :)

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