Cleetus McFarland Hell Yeah Brother

He's prolly gonna park it out front with a sign that says $20 top fuel dragster Rides. LOL. It'll be an exhibition car. He's gonna have to work it into his content schedule which is already ridiculous.
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I'm glad you didn't link your other channel...

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Jimmy from Jimmy's world aviation did a weird video where he made it seem like Cleet was giving him a chance to do a couple laps against Cleetus and if he won he got a chance to race in the 500 for a chance to win the helicopter. But it seemed like Jimmy never planned on doing the race anyway as he had some other obligations etc... Cleetus was toying with him the whole race. Drifted in front of him through one of the turns. Too bad. Would love to see him get a chance to win the Heli.
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