Football tomorrow

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Feb 4, 2020
San Antonio
I am mostly fed up with the NFL, but will probably watch the Chiefs - Ravens game. The best thing about Tony Romo is the MUTE button on the remote.
Really can’t stand the NFL. Unfortunately, college will be similar soon with the transfer portal and NIL. I’m sure it will get political also at some point.
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I grew up 20 minutes from Lambeau Field. My mother grew up walking distance from it. The Green Bay Packers were in my blood for over 50 years, but the kneeling B.S. changed everything. I tuned in every week to get away from politics and daily life, and when the NFL decided to embrace politics, I was out. I never thought I could miss a game, but it turns out the Packers, and even more so, the NFL, really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I haven't watched a game in several seasons, and I don't miss it a bit. In fact, it's nice to have my Sundays back!

Have fun watching the game - it's just no longer "my thing."
I've been a Niner fan since they drafted Joe Montana. Was very fortunate to have been gifted tickets through out the Eighty's and attend two championship games during that time. I don't watch every Sunday like I used to, but I do keep up with the teams record during the season. I don't have the any kind of TV source anymore so I will be walking down to my neighbors to watch the Niner game.
I've begun to move away from all pro sports. In the NFL I've always had 3 teams I root against no matter what... SF is one of those... and I'm ambivalent on KC, so I won't be watching.

Today we will start the festivities with the "Black National Anthem" so if kneeling was too much what's this?

Oh... and it's become too expensive for any real fans anyway.

meh, as a non-profit, the NFL seems to generate a lot of wealth.

Black people want their own anthem, holidays, Miss America, language and culture.

What's next, their own black only seating area on busses, entrances to restaurants, clubs and neighborhoods?
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Wow... wouldn't have guessed this from you. Makes me rethink a lot of things....

Go! Pfizer!

I’ve always been a fan of certain players. None of them play anymore. I have no allegiance to any team. Figured I should throw some gas on the fire.

The NFL is catering to women now. It’s no longer a sport for men.
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This is why this was so confusing... you and I agree at the molecular level on this... flipping the Niners in my face was un called for but in light of this seemingly light hearted attack on my sensibilities with this context you are forgiven.

Plus RINC hates SF and he also likes soccer so he’s real messed up.
Plus RINC hates SF and he also likes soccer so he’s real messed up.

Soccer!?... that explains a lot. I don't get the national fanaticism over and activity that has one score a match while players throw themselves to the ground seething in pain when replay shows no one within 2 feet them and they were untouched. Seems anti athletic and anti competition... So I get the European fans but not the ones in the US.
I lived in KC and they were the nearest team growing up. Back in the days of 3 channels you got regional coverage, which meant the Chiefs. I liked Lamar Hunt and his little team that never moved or changed it's name. The upper deck season tickets only go on sale to people who live in the county where the stadium is located. Since they fronted the tax money to build the place.

I mainly watch games as background when working. I can look up when it gets loud and they replay everything.

Taylor Swift is just another annoying celebrity. The stadium will be full of those tonight. I skip the pregame and turn it on after kickoff. The halftime will probably suck. And the commercials are getting lame. Bud light is going to make a run at commercials this year to lure people back after still being 30% down. I wonder if they step on their (tucked) dicks again.

I becoming less and less interested in NFL and college each year. But at least it's not horribly scripted programming like most TV and you won't see trannies trying to play with the men.
Pro sports has gone woke. I want to see people like Bill Gates, Roger Goodell, Chuck Schumer, Jack Nickleson and Gavin Newsome marry a woman with a penis.

I say, lead by example.
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