For all of us with two wheels also

When you have a vintage bicycle show to attend and the weather is too nice in Illannoy to drive.

A lot of very nice steel at this show.

And I brought along the Tetanus Express. :sneaky:
1942 Harley-Davidson XA | USA

During the North Africa operation, the U.S. was in need of a new motorcycle, capable of operating smoothly in such difficult natural conditions - and so the Harley-Davidson XA model was born. Probably, the design of this machine will seem painfully familiar to you. And not for nothing! John Nowak, the designer of model XA decided to apply the development of Wehrmacht, practically copied XA from a trophy BMW R71, which was successfully used in campaigns of African motorcycle corps.
The company began production of new opposition engines specifically for this model. But it so happened that this range was not destined to develop into mass production, and after the war, to somehow justify the cost of development, production of snowmobiles and mini-jeeps using the same power units was started. But, since none of these projects commercially justified itself, production of opposition engines by Harley-Davidson was stopped.

Production of the XA model began in 1941, but already by 1943, the project was closed, during which time 1011 motorcycles were produced.