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Hood Vent



TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Jun 3, 2018
New sending unit as well, plus I have a infrared thermometer to check the checker. Truly I understand more airflow is always better, and I will have to pull them at some point to get at the AC condenser, but thus far, my sled is cool as a cucumber. I did install a higher flow water pump which might be the magic discriminator. It should not be able to drop below 195° no matter what I do.


TJ Enthusiast
Mar 12, 2018
Thanks Bro, dudes are jealous of my bling. It is plastic, I did not mic it, but it is tough enough.
I think they are trying to be helpful and I agree to an extent given you are in Dubai. The basic idea is that although your cooling system may be in tiptop shape, it is working extra hard to keep the temps low. Think of it if you are trying to cool down in summer but put a jacket on. Your body has to work extra hard to keep the temps in check and hence you break out a ton of sweat. But again just like anything else on the internet, you can either believe it or just piss on it and move on


TJ Enthusiast
Mar 17, 2019
Michigan’s Thumb
Thanks Bro, dudes are jealous of my bling. It is plastic, I did not mic it, but it is tough enough.
YW. The bling ain’t my thing but it’s your Jeep.

I’m just looking for a rough guess. Is it close to 3/16” , or thicker? Thx. Could you try to get a pic of the open side? I’m thinking I can make a mold and vac form one.

Tranz Zam

Jan 13, 2019
I run grill inserts every now and then, and have yet to experience any cooling issues. Runs the same temp with or without the inserts.