Jeep tj with ford 8.8 & d30hp, jk wheels with 35s wheel spacer size?


New Member
Mar 26, 2024
Hello everyone I’ve been researching adding jk wheels to my tj… here it goes..
I currently have a jeep tj with a 4 inch suspension lift, with adjustable control arms, d30hp on the front and a ford 8.8 in the rear. All of this was recently installed. I also recently purchased jeep Jk 17 inch wheels with 35s that I wanted to install as well. I noticed that after the ford 8.8 was installed it seemed like I may have fitment issues as it seemed narrower, and that wheel spacers would most likely be needed to convert the lug pattern and to compensate for the offset of the jk wheels. Is anyone here running 17 inch jk wheels on a tj with a ford 8.8 rear and d30hp in the front, if so what size wheel spacers did you use on the rear and on the front? Any help or feedback is much appreciated.