License plate carrier, front, fairlead mount, WIP

Look what showed up today!
The anodizing is very nice and everything included is top quality!

License Plate Holder.jpg
Mine is out for delivery today!:) Unfortunately, my LJ is at the painter for a bit, so I won't have the opportunity to install it right away.:(
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Mine arrived today too.

I have a funny story to share. I had originally bought a license plate holder from TRE (when Ricky was still with them) when I had got the thimble and the fairlead from them. About two months ago, I took out the license plate holder and left it on the top of the winch one evening as I was doing something on the Jeep. Like an idiot, the next day I just drove off without putting it back. The poor thing stayed on the vehicle till I got on the highway, and hung on even after I sped up and passed 2-3 exits. Then I heard a distinct noise of metal scraping pavement and it immediately hit me what has happened. I drove there late that night looking for it, but my license plate holder, along with the license plate was never to be found again.

I have been living dangerously since then without a front license plate 😂 Granted I drive the jeep over long distances only over the weekend but still that is never a good idea. So the moral of the story is don't be lazy and put your license plate back on if you take it off, even if you are very tired. Don't postpone things that can be done today to tomorrow!

Now .. for the photos. Other people have shared very nice photos of Blaine's new license plate holder, but I want to share some photos of just how NICE the packaging is. Even in the rare chance that someone else came up with something that is 50% as thought out as this .. I guarantee that they would have just thrown it in a box and shipped it. It's an understatement when I say that Blaine takes the utmost care in making sure that the stuff you buy from him reaches you in exactly the same condition as it was shipped.

The goodie box:


What is inside - Most everyone else would have just shipped it in this smaller box with a shipping label slapped on it. This is securely cradled inside the medium flat rate box.


The freebies :


Inside the smaller box:


The locking pins for the latches are stuck through the packaging - both telling you how to use it, and also making sure that you don't accidentally miss them.


The really nice latch. Seriously high quality! I don't know how many people will realize it, but the solid feel when this closes is just awesome.

(pardon the dust)


The backing plate - look at the perfect packaging .. that thing can not move or slide.


Photo of everything together. The anodizing is just really nice.


Thank you @mrblaine for reviving this and making it an even better product. It's the perfect match for the ST fairlead and I am thrilled to have it on my Jeep. Now to get my (lazy) ass to the DMV !