Arizona List of Arizona members who like to go off-roading

Hey, I’m unsure if anyone recalls, but I’m the guy you from the Sunflower Trail a few weekends back. I finally found the thread you guys were referring too, I think.. is this ride happening?

Welcome aboard!
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Hey AZ crew!

Its time to hit a trail or two! The weather is perfect and I'm itching to get out and do some wheeling! who is interested?
Lets throw some dates out that you are available and any trails you are interested in running!

I am available
April 20 & 21
April 28
May 11
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I can do any of them except the 20th. Would love to make one of those dates work for Hackberry Creek.
Throw that drag link into a 20ton press for a little more curve and move on with your life.
I would hate to admit how many times I have done mine. I tend navigate by braille I have been told.
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I could be available on the 11th. I think the next two weekends I'm booked. We could always do some stuff up here when it gets too hot down south.
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