Made another convert today


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Dec 25, 2016
Newmarket, Ontario
I bought a new XJ Laredo through work in 1990. I wanted a 2 dr. but with a family on the way went with a 4 dr. I looked at MJ's but that wasn't going to happen. I drove that '90 XJ for 5 years and vowed I get another one eventually.

I now have both of the ones I didn't get. A fully optioned 1989 XJ Limited and a 1988 MJ Eliminator.

Being pre-1991 they are both Renix era Jeeps. A lot of people prefer the later models but I REALLY like the early ones. I drive them year round but admittedly less so in the winter. I much prefer blasting through the snow in my LJ!
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Very cool! Sounds like he picked the right vehicle then and he'll enjoy it very much. Sometimes I still miss my XJ, that thing was really nice!
When I bought my JeepTJ last summer, my wife asked me when I was selling my XJ,,,,,,,after I finally stopped laughing at her comment,,,she just smiled and said, "oh"......


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