Mid-arm LJ Rubicon



Finished raising one side of the rear cross member. I used a piece of 2”x.1875” flat bar, and flushed it to the bottom of the existing frame rail. Did an open corner weld so I could grind a similar corner radius as the rest of the frame.
Some of you may have noticed earlier in my build thread that I am making my own mini boat sides.
It is now that time to being fitting them. First issue, the Poison Spider fender flares went to the bottom of the tub. Mini boat sides require folding of the pinch seam at the bottom of the tub and trimming the bottom edge of the front fender. The flares were in the way. So the lower radius portion of the flare was cut and moved up 2”. Most people would probably get new fenders at this point, but I enjoy the look of these and wanted the challenge.

A bit more massaging the corners and they will be ready to drill and mount.



Dear Sunny,

Can you please take a moment away from this project and let us all know the step-by-step process in getting our wives to sign off on stuff like this. In fact, that could be a thread for the "How To" section so that we may all prosper from your wisdom.

-Signed on behalf of everyone who loves their Jeep and doesn't want to lose it in a divorce after spending so much money on it. (Cuz you know she will). :ROFLMAO:

PS - The build is coming along so nice! Keep up the great work!
It looks like you addressed the major issue with the genright option with that rail being higher up, nice job!

Thank you! Yes! I moved the step up, and it’s lower profile.
Not as much clearance as an aluminum rub rail, but I do like the look of a tube.