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Not sure How many will read this. And I'm sure it could be asked somewhere else, and I have searched and read. But between the Metal cloak control arms and the Savvy control arms, both in aluminum and double adjustable and as a complete set. Which would you choose and why?

I'm asking in my thread so it relates to MY build up of this Jeep. If I am going to drop 1300$ on a whole set I really don't want regrets. They both seem legit.
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Not sure How many will read this. And I'm sure it could be asked somewhere else, and I have searched and read. But between the Metal cloak control arms and the Currie control arms, both in aluminum and double adjustable and as a complete set. Which would you choose and why?

I'm asking in my thread so it relates to MY build up of this Jeep. If I am going to drop 1300$ on a whole set I really don't want regrets. They both seem legit.

Currie for the win because of their Jhonny Joints. I believe Jerry has been running currie arms for 10yrs.
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I ordered Savvy's Complete Aluminum double adjustable control arms with the JJ's on the ends. Currie Correctlync steering linkage kit. And the Rubicrawler Kit this AM.

No idea how quick I will get anything. But thought I would update this thread. And also an HD transmission Aux cooler.

So much for keeping it simple to start.
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More parts showing up. My job is "essential" so I'm at work.....

Savvy arms, mmm....

Installed the 5.13's and Detroit locker in the rear this AM. Will do the yukon free spin and front gears locker next Saturday.

Speedometer was right on with a 41 tooth gear. If anybody cares!

It drives great now, no more OD off everytime I get in. And 2500 rpm at 70 in OD.


I did replace the axle bearings and seals on both rear shafts with new units. And these revolution gears set up nice!
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Installed my Savvy Arms, they are real nice. And took the Top off. Quadratec had the Old Man Emu Nitro sports on sale so I ordered 4 and some 3/4" RE coil spacers.

Some day I will post pics other than my work bays and Garage/driveway!



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I'm also really liking the 5.13's in town. Will do the front this Saturday with the hubs kit.

1" Body lift, MML, and Rubicrawler are still on deck for install.

So basically I have already eliminated or not used alot of the Zone suspension parts. The Zone shocks are not giving me any grief. I just had great luck in the past with OME on my TJ and my YJ and they were on sale with free shipping. The zone coils are soft, and so are the Zone nitro shocks. I just feel like upgrading to OME now for shocks may help the Zone coils live longer.

Hindsight now shows I should have just ordered some Currie/Savvy springs out of the Hole. But, I didn't realize I would wanna get this serious with dumping money on this thing so quickly. Back in 2004 Rubicon Express was cool, I see they are not now. But I had their 4.5" extreme duty leaves and correct length OME shocks on my YJ and it rode great, really good actually.

If the Zone springs prove to be weak with actual use they will say bye bye and will be replaced.

Some pics of the old YJ circa September 2004 when it still had the RE springs and an 8.8 rear for good measure, plus people wanna see pics right?
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For all you guys hanging on the edge of your seat about my TJ "build" is front gears and locker. Chromoly axle shafts and Yukon free spin....I'll try and take pics as I go to feed the need of TJ forum...:p

Look at that HF winch, like a turd on top of a diamond. Its ready for serious action. Hopefully my Jeep will be so good it never needs to be used. Except maybe to winch a Toyota out or something.
Great thread. Cool build. Idaho is my favorite state bar none. I used to live in Notus and Coeur d'Alene.

Thank you, Idaho is a great place I love it here.

I removed the transfer case drop after the hubs today. And I have a small vibration at 35-40 mph, did not hit any higher speeds but I'm sure it would be there going faster. I figured with the MML I would be OK. And the rear shaft is longer being the unlimited, so it's not quite as angry when lifted.

So, I have played this game before with vibrations. I just said F@#k it and ordered a Tom Woods rear shaft, with AA SYE just now. I went with the X spline and XB slip.

I ran a rear Tom woods in my YJ also years ago. Worked great.

I'm going to be pulling the T-case to do the Rubicrawler, so why not install an SYE and reseal the leaking case haves anyway. Oh, and have a vibration free ride.

I have the adjustable control arms now so should work great. Should be able to dial in a perfect pinion angle.
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I orderd this kit

I am aware all the opinions on these "cage kits".

I will not refer to it as my "cage". I mainly want it to have something there because I like to fold my windshield down, often actually. I also am aware that "cage" fabrication leads to arguments. So on this one I will do my best to install it and have it welded by my professional friend and I will run it. If it is not the best, or wouldn't pass KOH spec I'm not too worried. I do not feel it will be an added danger that will fly apart and go through my head if I wreck.

Hopefully I never need it, or if so it holds up and does save me. It is .120 wall DOM and heavy brackets. I am aware "stanchion" style kits are frowned/hated upon.

I also ordered TMR's power steering box skid and Lower front control arm skids. The Dude on the phone at TMR was super cool if that matters to anybody!
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Not really "build" related, but related to my Jeep.

Bought a Ruger Wrangler to carry in the Wrangler, on my lunch break the other day. Idaho has no waiting period on guns, buy and walk out when cleared.

Figured it would be a good Jeep gun though and the name was the real reason. And can't beat the price, 199$.

These little guns are cheaper, but get great reviews, haven't shot it yet. Will test it out soon. CCI ammunition is right here in Lewiston which is my favorite 22LR ammo.

Hopefully gun stuff is OK on here?
Warning, Idaho Hillbilly Debauchery.....

So, initially I installed the 1.75" Coil spacers on top on the Zone 4" springs, that's right, and yes I know that is super lame but I wanted to see how it looked and figured the Zone coil may settle. Needless to say it is too high and with the 1" body lift installed afterward it was waay too high.

So I ordered those Rubicon express .75" spacers and OME shocks to install from Quadra-fleece, a company I have always liked and does have decent service I guess. The shocks are great, and they ride awesome. I did some bouncing around out back of the shop and flexed it out on our car hauler ramps and was impressed with initial performance. On road they are smoother than the zone shocks. Off road and with more time/wheeling we will see.

I must say I will be another voice saying I do not advise the Zone lift kit to anybody that actually wants to do any off roading. I will run the coils and see how long they last, they are smooth and not harsh at all. But I feel they will probably sag. Maybe not.

I installed the front and rear Rubicon express coil spacers and lowered the Jeep and drove home. I was happy with how it rode being 1" lower in the suspension. I rolled under the Jeep to double check all my bolts and lines ETC at home. I did notice the new spacers seem softer than the old which I figured may be good. Well, the rear coil is smasing the spacer all the way down on both sides so not good. Waay too soft. On the front they seem fine, the rear needs a harder, maybe even metal spacer. Or something that expands the entire space of the coil bucket like OME.

On the Front they look great still, I did install them on top of the factory rubber isolator in the front. I debated ordering OME's rear isolator and running that, which i may.

But, I called Quadratec, oh Quadratec you guys.......So friendly on the phone to me. The first guy let me know I installed them wrong in the back. I don't see how that's possible but OK. He asked for pics and will "send" them to Rubicon Express. Right, I sent him pics and then called back and received a Mildy friendlier person who let me know I am within the 30 day return policy and can email me a label. I said yes please and I will remove them. So, I will get my 30$ back eventually :geek:

This Jeep had spacers on it when I bought it, whatever they are made out of is WAY harder than the RE spacers. So, I figured why not just cut the rock hard spacers down to .75 and "try" that.

That's what I'm gonna do, Hillbilly I'm sure and probably not the coolest but it's what I wanna try and its free. It takes me about 25 min to swap the spacers out on my hoist at work in the rear so not really a big deal.

I just hacked the spacers down with a sawzall.....that's Chevy squarebody Jeep XJ stuff right there.

I am Running my shocks now the correct length, and I have both bump stop extensions and extended bump jouncers which stop the tire in the perfect spot for me.

I did cycle the suspension with the floor jack and no springs and the tires installed at work. Am I am happy with the results.





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One more small fun fact for anybody actually viewing/reading this thread, if you look closely at my rear license plate you will see it has a Tiny Jeep TJ in the lower corner. A TJ on my TJ plate how cool.

One reason I don't wanna get rid of my Montana plates but will have to eventually maybe. And I paid for permanent registration too.....:( which was only 275$ and you never have to do it again.

My girlfriend has a home in Montana I may be able to claim i still live there and here not sure...probably not legal.

She tells me not to register it here yet and she will have one of the ladies at the dealer in Montana look into me keeping it and changing its registration address to her home there. I love her.