My 1978 GMC motorhome

We had a pretty good day at the Surplus Stores last Friday. Ended up getting our fridge, a cooktop, a couple new faucets (real brass, not stupid plastic), and found some new captain and co-captains chairs. That was unexpected and welcome. We had bought some from a Mazda Minivan, but I wasn't super excited about installing them. The seat framework was wonky (on account of their removability from the Minivan) and the color wasn't right, so I was looking at sewing a cover or installing a seat cover (which I've never liked).

The Fridge is a Norcold 10 CuFt model, stainless door, DC compressor. Since we bought it from a surplus store, I plugged it in yesterday (I have a 12 V power supply) and let it run for a couple hours to make sure it works. Seems to. I let the freezer get down to about 10 F and the Fridge was around 45 degrees when I unplugged it. I also flipped the doors around. Gotta look at that, since the lock doesn't really work anymore. Might have an incorrect part or something.


The new seats. They are brand new, obsoltete models from some Jayco coach. They feel pretty comfortable in the few minutes I sat in them, dual armrest, but not lumbar adjustment. I may tear into my old seats and retrieve those air bladders. Everything else looks like it will bolt right up though. I may have to remove a side skirt to open a pass through for th seat slider lever...but we'll see.


No pics of the induction cooktop, since its still in a box. Its a Furrion 1800 watt model though. Looks like this one.


So, Now the pressure is on...I'm almost done with my install on the power system upgrade. Gotta start chasing wires that I don't need anymore (all the level sensors for my tanks are going away, so that is a BUNCH of wires to pull).
Looks like a great haul on parts. I've been looking at the DC fridges too for mine. I don't NEED a new one but I've been thinking about it to get off the propane as much as I can.
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Looks like a great haul on parts. I've been looking at the DC fridges too for mine. I don't NEED a new one but I've been thinking about it to get off the propane as much as I can.

Yeah, it was a good haul. I'm happy. Unfortunately, the fridge is gonna add to the list of projects. We had a 7 Cu foot fridge (56" tall). They had the same model as what we bought in a 8 cu ft version, but knowing how my wife likes to pack, I opted to get the bigger one. Its 60" tall and I had measured the cabinet where it fits and knew a 60" model would fit, if I got rid of the riser that was installed. I didn't really think too much of it.

Well, I should have pulled the riser before buying the fridge...Circled in red is the drain line from my sink. The fridge needs to sit flat on the floor to fit in the existing cabinet space. DAMN IT. Couple different options...I have plenty of depth, so I can re-route the drain. That will involve pulling my shower though (It appears to share the same drain line). The other (and more probable option) is to replace the cabinet face and change the upper cabinet. It will get shorter...but honestly, that will be the easiest solution. No returns allowed when you buy this I would have to try and sell it, then drive two hour south and buy another fridge to use the cabinet as it...and the face has some damage anyway.


I got most of the wiring pulled today that I'm going to pull. I still have a couple AC lines to remove and one more DC circuit, but all my old tank sender wires are out, my DC wires are pulled, the LP tank sender is pulled, etc. I have a LOT of extra copper now.




I also worked out getting power to my DC-DC charger. This is coming together nicely. Weather proof Cord grip through the firewall, runs along the side of the coach and finally terminates at the charger. Used up all 40 feet of the wire I bought doing it this way though. I'm a lot happier with this circuit being inside the walls, vs dangling along the frame, outside. I'm also cleaning up all the poorly added circuits and the OLD factory electronics up front.

Old. The circle is where they (Coachman, the upfitter) tied in two circuits vs pulling power of the rear distribution. The battery maintainer is supposed to go between the house and chassis batteries...It was only connected to the house side so it wasn't maintaining anything. All that loom was for added circuits and splices. The blue thing in the upper left is my old isolator. It was a MESS.

New...Still have a couple wires to trace down, and I think I want a buss bar to bring power off of for all the tie ins on the starter solenoid. That solenoid is for the battery boost switch...which I will elminate since my Li batteries cannot be used to start IC engines. My next bunch of work days are going to be very electo-centric.

Little bit of a pivot this weekend. After finding the terrible wiring job, I decided to get all the old wiring exposed, so I can at least inspect it. I started pulling the last of the walls (my bathroom) this weekend to finish disassembly. We're going to get EVERYTHING out now because of the nastiness I found. When this was built, they carpeted the WHOLE floor, including under the shower Stall! We have what is considered a "Dry Bath" which means we have a separate shower stall. I removed the first wall, which opened up the shower for visibility for the first time in 45 years. I was greated with a disgusting mess of acorn shells, rotten plywood and 45 year old carpet that has been holding water...



So, I worked a little longer and got the shower module out.


And, another one of those risers...this is where I about lost my breakfast


Little Fuckers will ruin EVERYTHING. That carpet was so full of mouse shit and piss. It explains why we could never really get rid of a funky smell in the bathroom. Thought it was old man we replaced the rotten floor under the toilet. It was better, but not gone completely. Now I know why. The carpet under the shower was GROSS.

So, EVERYTHING is coming out now. I've got all my appliances out, Need to pull the sink and microwave but then the kitchen can come out. Then the water heater and furnace. I'll strip it back to the bare walls and floor. Everything that will be covered up is going to get something to help dampen the noise...Haven't figured that out yet. I think Noico would be too heavy. Maybe the spray foam I need to add will take care of it.
Keep your head up, Mike. Projects like this are all about the journey.

Nice work. And just think about the stories you will be able to tell about building this crazy unique vehicle.

Thanks for the encouragement. Stopping isn't an option at this point. My sunk costs are WAY too high for me to do that...You thought jeeps were expensive! LOL. This is like an old muscle car AND an old cottage that your wife wants to make Kitchey- Kute. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
That would make an awesome toy hauler…


I was trying to post that same comment last night, but my computer kept locking up, so I bailed. Today, looking at those pics, I think I see why @Mike_H put his Rubicon on the market. He needs more $$$ for his motorhome project!
Mike _H - Remember if ever drive your motor home in sand or grass it's only one wheel front end drive. You might consider installing a winch.