Need some help with LED turn signal wiring


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Feb 19, 2019
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So on my TJ I have added LED tailights, side signal (changed to 3 wire), front signal and headlights.

I had everything working until I added the 2 wire marker light in, ended up shorting something out accidentally and now my hazard lights, marker and signals are all dead. No constant 12v or pulsating 12v at any of the front signal light wires with corresponding switches on (ignition also on). Before this happened my tail light marker or indicating light worked with the lights on. Now they do not, they only light up with brake lights pressed.
Did I fry something in my multi switch or is it something else? I have a multimeter and know how to test just not sure where to go.

After all of this I did some research and ditched the 2 wire marker and now have 4, 3 wire turn signals sitting in the Jeep. Heres my plan for how they will be wired once I restore power back to the signal lights.
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Another major question I have is regarding daytime running lights with Led headlights and how to make that work. My TJ came with DTRL and with the lights off the lights will flicker, switched on low and high beams work just fine.
I think I have heard of guys wiring in led "modules" if I'm remembering right or inline resistors.

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Im getting it inspected for salvage so I need all the lights to work as they would have came factory. I really appreciate any help or insight you guys can give me!
I added LED tails (and headlight bulbs - not that it matters) to mine and all I needed to do was replace the “flasher” relay in the multi switch. Remove the clamshell from the steering column and replace the relay in the multi switch. Takes about 2 minutes. It sounds like you have the turn signals wired correctly so I’m wondering if you just fried that relay.

Novita LM470 is the relay you want.
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Well after I lost power to my signals and marker lights I replaced that relay with this one here:
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Is this my problem or is it more likely something before the relay?
I can get that Novita LM470 on amazon here in 2 days.
Well after I lost power to my signals and marker lights I replaced that relay with this one here:
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Is this my problem or is it more likely something before the relay?
I can get that Novita LM470 on amazon here in 2 days.
I know some people run that relay and I believe it works fine with the exception of allowing the hazards to come on with the ignition off. But if you're not getting anything at all and you've already replaced the relay, maybe it's something else. You could always pop the cap off that relay and test it or make sure its not burnt.
So it will allow the hazards to work with ignition switched off? Thats something Im sure Ill need to have for the inspection.
The Novita does, yes.

My TJ is an 04, btw. I’m not sure if there’s a difference with earlier years but I believe if it’s a 5 pin relay then the same applies.
The DRL issue is the reduced voltage for DRLs (5-6v) will cause the LED to flicker. I just killed the DRLs in my cars.
Are you using factory sockets in the fender flare sidemarkers? If so, you'll need a dimming resistor coming from the running lights. You also will need diodes in line with both sources to prevent backfeeding.

If you're using an aftermarket kit, such as the three wire kits that come with Poison Spyder or Metalcloak fenders, then you probably won't need a dimming resistor or diodes.
Update on my wiring situation:
So I got the lm470 and it fixed my problem of no marker lights and I now have fully functioning hazards.

I took apart everything I had hand spliced up front apart and made sure I had everything wired correctly in the rear, heres how it is wired.
thumbnail (4).jpegthumbnail (5).jpegthumbnail (6).jpeg
Drivers side- White=Ground Pass. Side- White=Ground
Blk/Yw=Tail Blk/Yw=Tail
Gr/Rd=Stop/Turn Brn/Rd=Stop/Turn
Vt/Blk=Reverse Vt/Blk=Reverse

So I went ahead and tested the hazard lights, brake lights (3rd brake aswell), signals, reverse lights and everything worked. I turn on my running lights and the signalling tail light is brighter but not flashing. I swear I have the rear wired correctly but maybe I don't. You may also have noticed I have another black wire spliced into the Blk/Yw cct on the passenger side, thats the hot for my license plate light.

Moving up to the front I have two different 3 wire signals. One from PS which is the one on the left and another from JCR on the right. Black is the ground for the PS and white is the ground for the JCR.
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When I hook up the JCR light white-ground, red-signal, black-blk/ylw, the marker/signal works with every function including lights on. I can get the PS lights to work but they are about half the brightness no matter how they are hooked up and seem to just cause issues.
Do I need another set of lights like the JCR to make things work properly? Is that block wired into the led to prevent backfeeding as suggested in a previous post?
So I can get my side marker/signals and rear signals to work but once I turn on my running lights the taillights light up at the same time, brighter at whatever signal is being pulsed. I metered out all the pins and traced them back to the tail light hook ups.

Reverse I have hooked up to reverse and ground to ground obviously.

Then I have my stop and turn which is connected to the wire that I got a pulsating reading from during signal.

Tail to black/yellow which metered out to a constant 10.63v with running lights on.

Everything works except when I turn my running lights on. All my exterior lights are led is my wiring most likely the culprit or does it have to do with the led's affecting the circuit?
I have some 560 ohm 1/2 watt resistors, 1N4004 diodes, and full wave bridge rectifier if that will help my situation.

Thanks for any insight this has been a huge pain!