New TJ Project Progress Pics

Ravines didn't come out

Ravines didn't come out until 03. Maybe you meant grizzlies?
Not aware of when they were released but here's a copy/paste of the build sheet.

30X9.50R15LTB Wrangler OWL A/T Tires
Black Hard Top
15X8.0 "Ravine" Aluminum Wheels
Matching Spare Wheel
All Aluminum Wheels
California Emissions
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Seems the Project Jeep has lived an interesting life, she was customer ordered in the NY/NJ region delivered to a NJ dealer then shipped to Hawaii were it spent a few years before being shipped back to the US and Colorado then an elderly couple used it here in Oregon for a few years. Suspect the original owner was military.
Got her stripped down and ready for a final cleaning of the frame in prep for paint. Internals are decent after a good flush, probably install new Nutserts for peace of mind.