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That’s a lot of goose…

Sausage was made from geese we shot over the last month and sausage in the back of picture is deer/hog. this is what we got friday morning

1st day.jpg
Dam, that is scary. Hope they don’t have their license and just learning to drive. I took my son up to the nearby school many years before driving age and would practice and drive all our vehicles….even in the snow. He was ready when the time came but I get many do not and maybe can’t do that. I also get likely not legal but hey I wanted the kid ready and was willing to take that risk.
More after class inanity...

The "Dignified" after class pose:

And the "How we really feel" (after getting beat up in this class):


The teacher is to my immediate left (viewer's right). I was just trying to cool my neck off in both pix!
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