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1.5” heim

Went to my esthetician for my monthly eyebrow waxing, eyebrow dying, and facial treatment. She showed me how to put on false eyelashes - the two times I tried in the past were craptacular failures. Wasn't hard to do once you know the right way to do it, but I'm not sure its worth the effort all the same. I have pretty decent eyelashes anyway, I've always just used mascara and called it good - and with the falsies you still have to use mascara on the lowers and the inner portion of the uppers (not done in these pix).

Normal eyelid:

Wide eyed look:


The wide eyed look is pretty spectacular, but isn't something I really do onstage. I'll have to try it next performance and see how they look on video I guess. They might make my eye makeup pop more, dunno... *shrug*

OTOH, she used a new technique to dye my eyebrows which worked really well!
I have always had a unique approach to problem solving. I have always been a button pusher, without looking like I was at times. I have spent a significant amount of time in my life playing the "Spirit of the Rule" game.

Unfortunately, my youngest seems to have captured my everything in a nice, neat, cute little package to taunt me with :D

That time I yelled "PUT ON YOUR UNDERWEAR BEFORE I BEAT YOU!" down the hallway and turned around to this.

This is my fault. I own this 😄

That was a cool one. And visible here as well.
Wife and I had a whirlwind of a weekend. Worked till 3am Sat. Drove to Phoenix to catch a smoker to Dallas. Got a rental to run the 60 miles to where one of our trucks was stranded. Bailed it out and tracked down our gooseneck that was on it. Hammered down for home and made it back in time to work Mon night. On the home stretch approaching the Mohawks wife looks up and proclaims 'look! They're launching celebration fireworks for us 😄'

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the berries is?

Most of the country celebrates a new fun season's arrival. For us desert dwellers, it's a melancholy time, as summer looms ahead.


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58 years ago: The Seattle Freeway under construction along the Rainier Brewery, 1966.
Rainier Beer was first brewed in 1878 by the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company, which later became known as the Rainier Brewing Company. The original Rainier Brewing Company’s “R” is now on exhibit in Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)'s Grand Atrium.