RED02TJ 2.0

90min drive time and P/S sounds and feels much better & (no jinx) leak free

Adhesive seems to have done the trick on the new gasket.
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Early summer update:
  • Second ThermoCure flush and coolant change, this time drained the block and put in new hoses (should have done that the first time) one day I'll learn not to take shortcuts/rush on this thing
  • New driving/rock lights
  • Have all the parts to swap in my new Mopar Water pump, at which point everything in the coolant system will be new except the Rad (which looks clean and is still leak free)
  • Need to find the motivation for the Water Pump swap, not loosing coolant but when sitting at idle for ~20min the temps will creep from 200-220 and as a result the AC output creeps from ~40s to high 50-low 60. Need to find a good way to sanity check the pump before I go and swap it.
Cracked my radiator on a literal milk run to the grocery store. Of course it’s 2 weeks after redoing a coolant flush. Are the only ones who could source Mopar.


decided to also do the water pump since I had extra room with the radiator removed but in retrospect, doesn’t look like I needed to.

Hope this is clean enough (inside) will take another pass or 2 on cleaning the block before installing


Radiator arrives Tuesday, hoping I can have everything buttoned up before my nieces and nephews arrive on Wednesday for an end of summer get together.
Got the water pump installed and the belt back on, treated myself to a cordless ratchet, now all I need is FedEx to be in time tomorrow, water pump not to leak and temps to drop by 40 degrees
Got 45min of mixed road/HW driving yesterday with the AC on blast, temps 85+. OBDII showed 198-205 during stop/go and when I left it idling for ~10min I saw 215.

Water pump and hoses look dry, and non scientifically AC felt colder.

Looking forward to wrapping this up.
37,500 figured it was time to change the F&R diff fluid, never knew how nasty that stuff was. Not sure it was ever done previously.
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Edit: forgot the Moryde tailgate hinge and what a PITA it was to get aligned.

my annual summary since buying my TJ October 2021:

10/03/2022WRG ST Fairlead, Thimble, and Shackles.
10/11/2022Thermocure and Coolant
10/18/2022Thermostat housing, gasket, and tstat, scrapper supplies
10/18/2022Sold Bartact Lumbar
10/27/2022Bestop Spice Top
10/27/2022Bestop Spice Sliders
10/27/2022Sold Old Top
10/27/2022JKS Quick Discos
10/27/2022Sold Old Sliders
10/27/2022Spring Holders
01/05/2023Oil Change - Shell High Mileage, Supertech air filter, Mopar Oil Filter
02/03/2023Camel Dash, Roll pads, visors
02/15/2023Sold Console
02/15/2023Sold Dash vent, speaker covers, grab handle
02/22/20232 cans of brake clean on bell housing
3/12/2023Sold Complete Dash, Visors, and Glovebox
3/15/2023ATP did not work
3/17/2023Joying Headunit
3/17/20234 Channel amp
3/22/2023Clutch Master Slave kit (O'Riley) Blew Luk
3/31/2023ZJ Steering Upgrade
3/31/2023Back to O'Riley Oil
3/31/2023Fixed "clang" was loose upper control arm to axel bolt
5/4/2023Spiderweb shade
6/1/2023P/S pump, serpentine belt, idler, tensioner, p/s pulley
6/1/2023Windshield header seal
7/1/2023Thermocure and Coolant
7/1/2023Upper/Lower/Heater Core Hoses
7/1/2023NiLight Driving lights
8/1/2023New Mopar Radiator
8/1/2023New Mopar Waterpump
7/1/2023New Mopar Rad Cap
8/23/23F&R Diff Fluid
10/18/235 tire rotation
My parents were in for a visit and brought this picture. I was 17/18 circa 99/2000 on a family camping trip out west and we took a break from the family minivan and rented a pair of wranglers to drive to up the continental divide.


Now I put their grandkids in mine.