Rich's Rubicon maitenance and upgrades

Schwifty Rich

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Apr 21, 2018
St. Louis, MI, USA
Been hanging around here for about a year and I have come to realize I love everything about the Jeep life style. Going wheeling, wrenching, topless, and the community... not to mention each time I park I look back and grin, damn I love my Jeep.

I’m posting a list of stuff I’m still finding time to get done.

I made a list of Jeep things to do

-transmission fluid
-transfer case fluid
-rear main seal
-oil pan gasket
-cycle suspension and add bump stops
-paint steering components
-steering wheel adjustment
-replace Dropped pitman arm with Stock size
-identify power steering leak
-identify power steering gear box
-Pinion seal
-drop the gas tank and fix the slow filling issue
-new door hinges
-New door open switches
-Multi-switch for dome light/dimmer went bad
-new adjustable controls arms
-Motor mount adjustment
-remove rust and paint/seal under carriage
-new tires/rotate tires
-install lights to windshield
-locate squeak in dash

As time and funds permit I’m going to get all this done and hopefully with my own 2 hands.

Things I’ve already addressed:

-Added an aux cable
-replaced sub in console
-savvy 4wd linkage
-all 4 axle seals
-new front calipers and rotors
-all new brake pads
-added 3rd brake light
-JKS HD front track bar
-ZJ steering

Things done before I got the Jeep:

-3.5 RE lift
-front bumper/stinger
-rear tire carrier/bumper
-some kind of textured liner in the tub
-trussed front axle
-fuel tank skid
-aluminum fuel tank
-fox 2.0 performance shocks and steering stabilizer
-transfer case drop
-spidertrax 1.25” wheel spacer

That’s all I can think of now.
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Schwifty Rich

Schwifty Rich

TJ Enthusiast
Apr 21, 2018
St. Louis, MI, USA
More details on the battery hardware would be appreciated.
Check out this post.

I was able to order everything from and they even included a fuse link for me at no cost. I think i paid like $68 for the whole thing.

Everything was pretty straight forward. i did have to dremmel out the plastic part of the PDC a little to fit the larger gauge cables but when its closed you cant even tell.
the only issue i ran into was the engine ground stud. It is a stud that screwed into the block and when I was trying to get the ground off it came loose from the engine and the wires,nut, and bolt all spun together.


it was a pain...
I ended up snipping the old ground ( no going back now) and twisting it out a few turns to get a pair of vice grips around the middle ridge and after a few ugahduggahs it came loose.

ill try to grab a few pics of the set up and new cables
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Schwifty Rich

Schwifty Rich

TJ Enthusiast
Apr 21, 2018
St. Louis, MI, USA
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