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May 6, 2022
Fayetteville, Arkansas
I have a 2003 jeep TJ 5 speed manual transmission and need to replace my clutch. After doing some research, I found a comment someone had made stating it is a good idea to change the CPS while you’re working on it. I have about 195k miles on my odometer and haven’t had any issues with the CPS. The reason I’m asking is because it’s price on rock auto is like $90. I can fork it over if it is needed but if I can salvage my old one, I’d rather save the cash.
Also is there anything other than that, the pilot bearing, throw out bearing, clutch, pressure plate, or flywheel that I should attempt to replace while it is cracked open?
if it were me, id leave the cps alone, its just a Hall effect sensor.. not much to fail. replacing it may introduce a failure. I had replaced a failed IAC last year with the oem part and the replacement lasted a year, you just dont know. if its held up so far id leave it be.

as for the clutch work, as long as the flywheel isnt burnt up.. you should be able to clean it up real well with a scotch bright hand pad. do not take the flywheel to a shop for resurface work, either clean or replace. also consider replacing the throw out fork pivot arm spring clip as it is fragile and known to break during disassembly, part number 4338855.

also to be prepared for transmission removal, you may need a E12 socket and some lengthy extensions to access the 2 upper bell housing bolts.