Show us what you are drinking / smoking today

So... a 2 generation Eggnog mixture that the Family makes for christmas which includes a bunch of stuff your Physician puts on the no-fly list, Bourbon and more things to flavor it. The final mixture is like alcoholic melted ice cream.... and it goes perfectly in a tall cup of coffee... and I'm on my 3rd such cup of this mixture this morning.

Merry Christmas!

It's been a minute since I've updated this post so since thinking about it, I thought I'd post up some good Christmas tunes on the old Marantz & JBL 4430's.

Tuned up with some vinyl spun up on the Technics MK-1200MkIV and songbird stylus.

Smooth vintage Christmas Classics enjoyed with some wonderful liquors.
Goes good with the Espadin Mezcal El Silencio tequila on Boxing Day.



Michelob Ultra Draft at the bar in my community in Florida. I don't smoke, not even the left handed type.

When I drink hard stuff it's Bacardi and diet coke at home.
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