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Six Rivers National Forest Northern California
. July 2018
Nice job on the rack!

Thanks. You're going to laugh but I scrapped an old chain link fence gate to build it. I don't have a 1.25" tube bender and I'm not sure if I could have made 4 perfect 90* bends any way. It was a fun welding project.
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This was at Mosport in June 2019 for the vintage races. It was exactly 50 years after I first towed a trailer to the races and camped. I was 16 and just got my licence 2 months earlier and my Dad let me (and my buddies) take the family camper. That was for a CanAm race. Over the next few months I towed it to CanAm races at St. Jovite and Watkins Glen. They used to run F1 races there but those years are long gone.

The family camper was a NOMAD. It was designed for fishing and duck hunting. Basically tow it to where you were going, lift the top off, flip it over and you have a fibreglass boat. With the tent folded out it slept 6. More than once I was the only guy at the car races with a boat and no water anywhere for miles.

19-06-14 1.JPG
nomad 4.jpg
Nomad 3.JPG
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I'm doing a quick 3 nigher this weekend up the river this weekend. You guys will love my new tent trailer. I'll post pics next week...
The anticipation alone will make it worth it :)