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Ramona Wrangler

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Mar 6, 2022
Ramona, Ca
Mine is just tomatoes and peppers in pots this year. Looking to do a raised garden on wheels with a 1 x 2 x 6 ft water trough as the garden

I only have a 2 small areas for a garden. Soil is very sandy and needs water twice a day during hot summer days.
Currently I Have:
A shit ton of tomatoes which I make fresh salsa and also dehydrate for later use.
Seedless watermelon.
Bell peppers.
Weeds lots of weeds.
Peas, cucumbers and bean fried when temps got to the high 90s. Very hard to keep a garden around here with temps in the 100s.


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I have lots of clay soil here. It's taken me 2 years of turning compost into it 18" deep to get it broken up some. Another 2-3 years of that should do it. Clay retains water so I like it as a starting point. After it's broken up it takes less water if you mulch.

My garden is a U shape of old landscape area along the house and a fence. About 7ft x 40ft.

At the farm, we could dig down 6 ft and still be in topsoil. Thousands of years of grass fires and buffalo chips.

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I can’t grow anything in 115+ degree summer heat. Everything turns brown in April and I have to wait until November to start again.
I have a red cherry tomato that grew from a plant last year. It's been too hot for it, but it should start now.
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I bought a Consori food dehydrator. I have a shit ton of italian tomatoes. I cut them in half sprinkle on sea salt and Italian seasoning. I also have done persimmons, apples and mangos. Tomatoes taste great just by themselves or I’ll use them in sauces.

I'm so jealous with all your veggies,,,Things are going ok, except I'm thinking they are getting too much hot sun. Put up an umbrella to help block the afternoon hot sunshine. Any pointers?