Straight transfer case shifter lever

Does anyone have a pic with the straight one installed?
The pic in the listing, um, is lacking full reference view.

(Or do I need to use my google-fu?)

Edit- found a few pics from DrDMoney.

I used CJ style shift knobs on mine. The threads don't match but as it turns out 3/8-16 is pretty easy to drill and tap out to M10x1.5.


Any sources for the straight transfer case lever these days?

Just looking for the old CJ aesthetic and to allow me to see my console mounted gauges?

I just checked my eBay purchase history. I guess they only go back a couple of years and it was not there. Bought over 3 years ago.
No i turned the end on a lathe and hand threaded it with a die. Used a torch to heat the other end and bent it by hand in a vise to match the factory V shape. Milled flats into it on a mill and then drilled the holes.

It hit the back of the console when it was just straight so I had to heat it up and bend it forward a little bit.

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Looking at these pics, it seems like you could remove the handle from the factory shifter (maybe with heat or cutting) and then tap the end of the factory rod and screw a knob on for a low profile straight shifter? If you wanted it a little taller you could use a taller knob style.

Maybe not? Maybe this wouldn't achieve what folks are looking for? The eBay links won't work (and I didn't look it up) so I'm not sure what people are paying.