The unfortunate JKU & JLU of the day thread


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Nov 6, 2018
Martinsville, IL
I strongly considered opening a shop just for this kind of stuff before the JL rolled out. All the old retirees here love to pimp out their mall crawlers and with more and more JLs showing up around town my buddies and I could be making a fortune in the next few years simply doing bolt on parts.
You totally should do this! These people are begging to throw their money at anyone who will take it and bolt these ridiculous accessories on! Plus, that's how so many people have made it big...they take an absurd idea and run with it! Can you imagine how much fun that would be, laughing at every single sale you make!
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Aug 24, 2018
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I’ve been meaning to share this page with you guys. Not only do they molest JKUs, but they used to boast about their “custom jobs” when everything they do is literally bolt on parts. Their bio no longer says custom off-road work so I’m guessing they got a lot of grief over it 😂 Scroll through and take a look at some of their “projects!”
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STOP! They are from New Jersey so this is completely acceptable. Remember this is the state that gave us "Jersey Shore".

Disclaimer: I am from PA and allowed to say these things.
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Sep 16, 2016
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Not a JKU, and not too over the top...just got a little too carried away with the exposed bolt head idea...reminds me of those leather couches with exposed rivet heads.

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