This is how Jeeps die


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Oct 25, 2017
Everett, Wash, United States
Could you , would you in a Jeep
Drive icy roads while others sleep
If salty roads destroyed your frame
Could you ever feel the same

Could you would you in the rain
With Jerry Bransford and Mr. Blaine

In a TJ there you go
Is it salt or is it snow

Why is this idiot , posting this poem here ,
Because his TJ , is getting regeared

His new ratio should be nice , 9:02 since he geared it twice
Nicely done!!! 😄
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Nov 22, 2017
Bridgewater, MA, USA
I couldn’t own a Jeep and not drive during the winter, where’s the fun in that?

Your frame is just metal, if you plan on keeping your Jeep forever keep it painted and fix when necessary.
Agreed. I live in New England and I want to drive my Jeep during the winter. I wish the rust belt blues weren’t an issue but you play the cards you’re dealt.