Tumble seats on both sides?

On Facebook page for another version of Jeep (JL). Someone wanted ideas for 2A storage. The very first comment was a question about what that meant. I said, dont worry, you dont have any.

I cut some of the anti skid drawer liner material for tool boxes in it. Nothing i put in there has got scratched or damaged yet
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Ordered a pair, should arrive in 4-8 days. Meanwhile I need to decide between the Tuffy and the Bestop drawers. Not so sure I need or even want the super long Tuffy sticking out to the front or the back.
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I think mine is 1.5”. I can measure for certain later tonight.

Well, looks like I was wrong. I have the short Tuffy and the seat risers don’t help it fit under there. It’s been so long I misremembered.

It usually holds the remote for my Zeon winch and its USB cable. Would hold a compact handgun too.

Risers are 1.5”.