Turn signal not self cancelling

Is it a big problem to fix.The problem was there when I bought it.The left signal self cancels but not the right.I have been just doing it manually .

Simple fix, just replace the turn signal module, they run about 25 to 35 dollars. Just have to pull the lower dash bezel to get at the steering column shroud.

Go to the resource section and download the Service Manual for your Jeep, they give full instructions.
is your steering wheel centered when driving in a straight line? if not, get it centered before you start replacing parts.
This is something I need to do. My right blinker hasnt been self cancelling for well over a year. A few weeks ago I felt quite a bit of resistance when I tried to hit the left blinker, then a snap. Now the left wont cancel.
Same issue with my 98. The left stopped after a snap noise. Then later the right stopped. I am now accustomed to cancelling them manually. Someone should fix theirs and do a writeup for the rest of us. ;)
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Turn signal not cancelling is more likely the tab on the clock spring broken, not the the turn signal switch. Still not very difficult, but you need to pull the steering wheel and the clock spring is more expensive.
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So... I took mine apart, and the turn signal switch works as it should. However the clock spring tab that resets the blinker is missing. New one on order and maybe by weeks en I will know wht my tj had wrong!!
Mine haven't been self canceling since I bought it about 3 years ago. I haven't been bothered enough to fix it. What part of NM are you from? We have 4 or 5 members in the state.
It's the turn signal switch. I had the same problem with my 1997 Wrangler, and I changed it and it works perfectly. Pretty easy to change.
Anyone have the part number for the turn signal assembly for a 2000? Found the Dorman unit on Amazon, but it has a large number of negative reviews.