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  1. Andrew Mac

    Got into it with a state cop

    The level of stupidity in blue here in Hawaii is so wide spread I now carry a copy of the motor vehicle laws pertaining to the non-requirement of doors and mirrors! I now great all of them as Barney. "good morning Barney", "good evening Barney" most are clueless of the reference. It continues...
  2. Andrew Mac

    Snowblower Questions

    Back in the day, before I relocated to warmer climates I owned tractor mounted and walk behind. Overall I'd say go with a walk behind, rubber tire with chains. Much easier to hump around the driveway! Easier to move around in the garage in the off season. Unless you have lots and lots of...
  3. Andrew Mac

    TJs in beautiful places

    North Shore Oahu Pre Covid mods!!
  4. Andrew Mac

    New guy from Louisiana

    Aloha! Welcome to the lifestyle :)
  5. Andrew Mac

    Are all hood louvers equal?

    My 2 cents! While still living in South Florida I installed the Poison Spider vented louver. Cut the hood vents as well as counter sunk all the screw holes to make a cleaner install. I can say that there was a noticeable reduction of heat radiating through the floor, as it was now able to vent...
  6. Andrew Mac

    I messed up installing limb risers, please help

    Remove what you have installed, install some rivnuts with maybe a #10 thread, counter sink the outside of the bracket and install some nice counter sunk stainless screws. Then tell everyone that was your intention, better then the factory install...............That's how we learn!!
  7. Andrew Mac

    What are your favorite interior upgrades / mods?

    That looks like a really nice set up, but here on Oahu, running door-less some Hobo would have that mounted on his shopping cart in no time!!!
  8. Andrew Mac

    What are your favorite interior upgrades / mods?

    Thanks! I made one complete "practice" seat cover then just went for it!! Gotta love Youtube!
  9. Andrew Mac

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Added a new badge then went for a drive around the island in search of a perfect sunset!
  10. Andrew Mac

    What are your favorite interior upgrades / mods?

    Purchased a commercial sewing machine, taught myself to sew. Stitched new seat covers, winch cover, soft top and roll bar covers. With the Covid shut down, I had lots of time!! I've always liked the classic diamond pattern.
  11. Andrew Mac

    Mirror laws for all 50 states

    If I recall, at some point in PA traffic court, is was stated that since Jeep designs the door to be removed for normal operation that the court agreed that is was "manufactured" to have no side. The Judge agreed, ticket dismissed. Precedent set!
  12. Andrew Mac

    Mirror laws for all 50 states

    Can you find that requirement in the motor vehicle laws in PA and post it? Seams an odd requirement as what would the law say about motor cycles? I have been stopped here in Hawaii a few times for being door-less (2 years no doors), each time po po was all up in my grille for no doors. Each...
  13. Andrew Mac

    SOLD 2005 LJ Rubicon Sahara

    Agreed, sweet looking ride! but looking close at some of the photos, do a very good look for frame rust. The photos show someone has spent a lot of time cleaning and spray painting the under carriage of the vehicle. Some of the hardware and components show A LOT of corrosion ( look at the...