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  1. Shatto

    D-Ring or Tow Hooks?

    Slightly off topic; are the 9,500lb rated D ring mounts on a rock crawler bumper safe, and legal, to tow the Jeep?
  2. Shatto

    Endoscope / borescope suggestions

    I'm a Texan too; by choice, since leaving the nuthouse known as California.
  3. Shatto

    Getting into a Jeep with a bad left knee

    Mine are solid steel and The Best Improvement on my Jeep. Grab with both hands and swing my butt up and over the edge and into the seat. Easy out too. Prices and materials vary so have fun at Amazon...
  4. Shatto

    Where to get a new or rebuilt PCM?

    I learned about Real Mechanic Scan Tools when I dropped by and asked my mechanic if something was wrong with my Tundra. He said; "You've been driving without you're seatbelt." I explained I backed out of the driveway then as I was turning onto the road I buckled up. This was in a distance of a...
  5. Shatto

    CB or VHF?

    WAAA HAHAHA I thought the water heater was another radio!
  6. Shatto

    Need CB Radio recommendations

    Eventually I'll need a CB radio. Question is, can it do like my phone and Blu-Tooth through the Jeeps speakers?
  7. Shatto

    Endoscope / borescope suggestions

    Boy! Talk about misreading something; I thought Endoscope was talking about health since I just had both an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. I'm just fine. Are you? Have you had one or does bouncing around in a Jeep shake polyps loose? Seriously, that looks like a cool tool. Show us a picture of your...
  8. Shatto

    Tire Deflators

    I've always used a key, but screwing something on and automatically getting the pressure I want seems a decent idea!
  9. Shatto

    Where is the passenger side footwell light located?

    Another stupid, non-stupid question: My 2012 Rubicon has everything else in the world, but no footwell lights that I can find.
  10. Shatto

    Wrangler TJ 42RLE automatic transmission spewed fluid everywhere

    Good the engine and transmission survived. Next time you admire the bottom of your Jeep, carefully inspect the lines to be sure they are properly fit, hung, insulated so they don't bind, rub, chafe, vibrate and are away from the exhaust; all of which will eventually cause trouble, problems...
  11. Shatto

    Where to get a new or rebuilt PCM?

    Asking for a friend; who wonders, since he never had this problem, how you know a PCM is bad?
  12. Shatto

    Polar vortex left pink slimy mess under Jeep

    One winter when I was stationed in Korea, I guarded a ship in Inchon harbor, that had a Cat Road Grader tied down on the deck. Liking machinery, I nosed around then did a double-take; from front to back, a slab of the side of the engine was broken by ice! They failed to put antifreeze in the...
  13. Shatto

    Opinions on winches

    Can a winch be installed behind the stock bumper?
  14. Shatto

    Opinions on winches

    Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch - 9500 lb. Load Capacity. $299.99 Free shipping from Amazon. This is new. What about a "previously owned" winch? Pros and cons please.
  15. Shatto

    Observation On The Silliness Of Corporate America

    Neals post is a major lesson for anyone who is in business. Or works for one.