1. J

    Upgrading Dana 35 to a Super Dana 35 and installing a locker in front Dana 30

    Hello, I am very new to wheeling but I understand that if I want to put 35s on my TJ. I need to either get a ford 8.8(I really don't want to swap my axle) or do a Super 35 kit. I know that the super 35 upgrades the weak 27 spline shaft to a 30 spline. But I am confused on weather or not I can...
  2. carrotman

    Doing It The Hard Way - JL Steering Box and a Front Stretch

    I figure it is time to start a build thread for my Jeep to consolidate my thoughts. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions about things that don't really need to be their own threads. A bit of back story, my Jeep is a '98 Sport purchased about 6 or 7 years ago after insurance totaled my '97...
  3. Fluxor

    2004 LJ In Flux

    So, just some back story. My last jeep was an 88 Yj that a traded a dirt bike and $1000 for. Total P.O.S, but I loved it as it was MY P.O.S. ;). The plan was to have a toy that I could go wheeling on our mild local trails and drive my kids around on the weekends when the weather permits...
  4. Mcsupersoldier

    WTB: WTB WHeels and Tires 33 or 35

    I just lifted my TJ 2.5" and want bigger wheels and tires. Does anyone have any 33" or 35" wheel and tire sets for sale in or around Alabama?

    01' Sport 4.0 5-speed (starting new build)

    Hi guys, just want to share my 01’ here. Would love to hear thoughts. Decided to go with15x8 Racelines with 35x12.5 Maxxis Razr’s with a 4” lift. Getting new gearing soon enough but surprisingly it’s not that bad with the stock 3:07 gearing. I was very surprised. I love the Maxxis Razrs. Had...
  6. JonZ98TJ

    Am I on the right path?

    Hey all, just joined after buying a 98 Sahara. My first TJ was an 03 X that stayed stock. So I got a decent deal on a clean 112k mile 98 with Dana 44 and rebuilt Dana 30 in front. It is sitting on 33x12.50s now, but that was achieved with 2" coil spacers and a 3" BL. Has JKS disconnects already. I...
  7. S

    1999 For Sale in Texas

    1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L 5spd MT Located 30 minutes from Houston 90,500 miles 6” (Rubicon Express, I think) Long Arm Lift w/ 8” Fox Shocks No body lift 35x12.50R15LT BFG KM2 w/ matching spare Custom rear tire rack & step bars Currie HD 1 ton tie rod system Warn HS9500I Kilby on board...
  8. KCNoDots

    What PSI for 35X12.50R15 tires on 15x8 wheels on the trail?

    I was looking through the FAQ and cannot find a thread on it. I was planning on airing down to about 12-13 psi. The lowest I have ever been is 18psi. I am on stock TJ Canyon wheels (15x8"). How low should I be going to be safe and not worry about slipping off a bead? Terrain is AZ desert...