1. PowderFactory

    High Elevation Gear Ratio - 33's - 6-Speed (NSG370)

    Okay, I know there are a million posts about gearing (and I think I've read them all) but here is another! I could really use some last minute advice before I get my Jeep regeared. I am currently running 33" takeoffs, and may go up to 34" tires (285/75/17) in the future when the current tires...
  2. BiggRiggs

    4.56 gears making noise

    2004 X with Dana 30&35, fresh NV3550 and fresh transfer case. In December 2020 I had my crappy 3.07 gears swapped out for Motive 4.56 gears and TrueTrac locker in rear. In late February I had to drive back and forth to work in snow (4HI at about 40mph). The following week I got a front...
  3. raphaelchicago

    I want to regear and add lockers

    I have a 6 speed 2005 Jeep tj running 35inch tires with a dana 30 in the front and dana 35 in rear 3.07 current axle ratio. I do mostly highway driving, but do hit the trail when i can. i also live in Canada so the winters often give me a 4x4 playground. What would i need to regear to 4.56 and...

    Optimal tire size for 4.56s gears and 42RLE?

    Can anyone tell me the optimal tire size for running this setup on an 06' X with 4.0 liter and 42RLE automatic trans. *Note this is a daily driver as well. So I purchased the Jeep not knowing it had 4.56 gears. Came with 31" tires. Noticed the speedometer was 10mph over what it was actually...
  5. B

    Re-gearing Question

    I have a 2000 tj with 2.5. Dana 30 up front and dana 35 rear. best I can tell they are 3.73. I am going to a 4.56 will there be any carrier issues? Thanks
  6. Shwane

    Gear Carrier Woes!

    So I'm needing some 4.56's in my forever build on my tj. I believe the cut off for my particular Dana 44 and Dana 30 is 3.92. I'm currently running 3.73. I know I need a new carrier, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the "thicker" ring and pinion sets that remove the need to...