adjustable control arms

  1. B

    SOLD Core 4x4 Tier 1 Control Arms (Black) - Full Set for TJ Wrangler (REDUCED)

    Asking $400 shipped. Brand new in box, never been installed. I had planned to install these on my TJ but never got around to it, and now I'm about to list the Jeep for sale. I unwrapped one as an example but left the rest wrapped. I can unwrap all of them and provide additional photos if...
  2. JMT

    SOLD Savvy Double Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms Aluminum

    $250 $210 OBO shipped with Redline CV-2 Great for someone wanting to change the rear pinion angle for a small lift. Giving forum members a chance at these first. I'll leave them up till Wednesday, July 26, then post them on local FB Marketplace.
  3. habitat259

    -8 degrees of caster and other alignment / geometry issues

    So I was working on my girlfriends 97 auto 4.0 TJ because of some issues when alignment. Specs are 4 inch lift, fully adjustable control arms (no idea the brand), adjustable front track bar, Slip yoke, Ford 8.8 in the rear) PO would wheel it, but my girl friend is looking to use it for a daily...
  4. E

    SOLD Rock Krawler RK02323 pair of double adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms for a 97-06 Wrangler TJ

    Double adjustable rear upper control arms. works with anything from 2"-4.5" lift according to RockKrwaler. Brand new and unused. I purchased these for the TJ but plans changed and selling the Jeep. Not needed really, just wanted to get more control on the pinion angles after an SYE installation...
  5. A

    SOLD Metalcloak Control Arms

    Up for sale are 4 Metalcloak adjustable control arms. The lower bushings are in good condition but the front upper bushings will need to be replaced. The gold metal coating is starting to come off as these things are about 5 years old and a little bit of pitting but nothing major. There is...
  6. ChadsTJ

    Driveline Noise

    Hi all, I recently installed my Rubicon Express SuperFlex Adjustable LCA's. My TJ is on a 3.5-4" (not sure i bought it lifted) Rancho lift with stock UCA's and the owner before me had never installed control arms after lifting it. With the stock arms believe it or not I had no noises. Post...
  7. notGreenLJ

    SOLD Savvy Aluminum Control Arm Set

    I am selling a set of Savvy control arms, brand new, never installed, including the 4 Johny joint washers from Mr. Blaine. I would prefer pick-up, but if you want to pay for shipping I am willing to take them to USPS or UPS. Asking $1,150. Selling because I need to raise capital for lawyer...
  8. A

    SOLD Metalcloak and JKS Control Arms

    I have for sale one lower set of Metalcloak control arms for a TJ/LJ/XJ and one upper set of JKS control arms. Roughly 6000 miles on them and the bushings are in great shape with no cracking. The JKS inner bearing has always had grease, operates smoothly, and is easy to adjust. I replaced all...
  9. A_Jeepin_Chaos_Seed

    Control Arm Input: Purchase in Near Future

    Good Morning All, FIrst, I value the wealth of knowledge that this forum has provided me prior to finally becoming a member. I have done some searches and read many of your posts in here however Id like to get a solid input of your favorite control arms. At the price of most with Johnny Joints...
  10. TreverStevens

    Minimum threading of adjustable rear control arms

    What would you say is the minimum amount of threads I should have from the rear lower control arms when installing a new axle? I was hoping to better center my rear wheels in the wheel wells by pushing the axle back a little, but run out of threads on my adjustable arms before it's perfectly...
  11. RangerRick

    SOLD 4" RE SuperFlex suspension kit with many extras in Southern, CA

    OK those that are interested in lifting your Jeep: I have a VERY COMPLETE Rubicon Express 4" class Super Flex lift kit that comes with WAY MORE than the lift kit you pay $1500 for in the stores today does. Please look at what you get for $900 to $1000 vs. $2000+ if you buy new from any...
  12. Educatemepls

    Iron Rock vs Core4x4: Battle of the good enough control arms?

    Hey eveyone, been reading and reading and reading here for days now that I'm finally getting my Tj next month, as such I'm doing my research to find the best lift system (FOR ME, MY BUDGET AND MY NEEDS). I'm going for a budget build, since I rather spend my money on the trips I'm building my...