1. V

    Best sounding engine swaps

    Im curious to hear what you guys think the best sounding engine swaps are.
  2. J

    Junkyard motor or crate engine?

    Hi yall! I have a 1998 4.0 TJ with 183k miles, sadly the engine overheated while I was driving one day, took it to a shop, they quoted me 1k to fix the head gasket and resurface the head, I’m debating if it’s worth just investing into a crate motor, I don’t want to replace the head gasket and...
  3. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Engine swap ideas

    I’ve been reading a lot about swapping an engine and I’ve asked a lot of people about swapping an engine. Some people tell me to go all out and swap a 5.7 Hemi into my wrangler and others tell me to put a 4bt in my wrangler, even going as far as to say a kubota and I’m just wondering what you...
  4. S

    Low Engine Compression

    I just ran a cold compression jeep on my jeep, found compression of 155,150,60,60,120,120 at each cylinder. What does that mean and what is the repair? Background: Bought a 4.0 straight 6, 97' TJ Sport 3 years ago. So far I've replaced the floorplans, replaced 3" lift with 1.5" lift, replaced...
  5. thenell74

    2.4 Engine Replacement Options

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum, but I have been utilizing the awesome info on this site for a while now since purchasing my 2006 SE in March. Prior to purchasing, I had researched the options for when the engine goes out and is not repairable because it had just over 170,000 miles on it. I...
  6. Nreid67

    Searching for Solution to Rattle Noise

    Hey all, so I’ve got an issue I’m trying to diagnose and so far all I’ve got is that it’s got to be a clutch issue and it could also be steering column related. Not really an issue when I first start rolling but after I get where I’m going and I turn into a parking spot in 1st or 2nd and...
  7. TheDWord

    Jeep stalls when stopping after driving distance at high speed

    Long detailed post ahead. Thanks for reading! 2001 TJ automatic, 4.88 gears (relevant for the speed figures below) BACKGROUND: I spent a ton of time late 2021 and half 2022 trying to troubleshoot a misfire issue. Replaced just about every sensor; Mopar replacements where possible, forum...
  8. 06TJX

    Little Help?? Hoping someone can recognize the noise/sound

    Little Help?? Hoping someone can recognize the noise/sound. Happens when I'm at 25-30mph barely on the gas... not accelerating. 4.0 with automatic. 36k original miles on an 06 TJ. thanks in Advance!!
  9. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Turn key crate 4.0s?

    Recently i found out my engines in need of a rebuild however I can seem to find anyone with crate engines that make the 4.0 I would just swap out a junkers engine but my parents are helping me pay for it and they will only do it if I get a brand new engine any help would be appreciated.
  10. L

    2005 LJ throttle hesitation / stall when warm

    Hey everyone, I have an interesting issue that I'd love some feedback on. I have a 2005 LJ, non-rubicon, 195,000 miles, with the 42RLE automatic transmission. I'm running into an interesting issue where the engine will have a very small moment of almost stalling when hitting the throttle at...
  11. Mbren89

    New York 4.0 and 42rle with rubicrawler

    Selling my engine and trans, 2004 4.0 and 42rle with advanced adapter rubicrawler with aa twin shifters. 147k miles, rubicrawler installed in late 2019 early 2020 by previous owner. Motor and trans run strong with no leaks or issues, im pulling for the ls swap i just finished putting together.
  12. Jackson S

    Super loose steering column

    Does anyone else have a really loose steering column, like to the point that its difficult to drive on the highway because the wheels go all over the road and you cant feel it in the steering wheel. Like its so bad that i cant shake the steering wheel pretty violently and the car wont turn at...
  13. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Misfire with no codes

    Hi from Rome, Italy where I converted my 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L in a LPG powered to pass emission restrictions here and run everyday as a daily driver in city centre. I decided to make this post cause I can't really figured out the problem after many attemps. Symptoms are some little random...
  14. Jackson S

    Getting rid of the pesky engine light

    Hey guys, ive diagnosed my engine light and its coming up with error cod P0133 which has to do with the oxygen sensor. does anyone here know how to fix the issue and diagnose whats actually causing the light to come on?
  15. Jackson S

    Engine light

    my engine light came on today. the engine doesnt seem like theres anything wrong it sounds all normal. but when shifting into or out of second gear it almost always grinds, this has been happening for a couple months. does anyone know what the engine light is or how to diagnose it? any help is...
  16. cclarke802

    Hoping it's not seized

    Having trouble with my TJ not been able to get it to turn over. The battery is good so it’s not that but wondering if there is a place I can wrench onto to manually turn the motor over and ensure it’s free. Thanks for any help!
  17. O

    New Engine For 98 TJ

    I have a 4 cylinder TJ on a 4" lift & 33" tires. I've been thinking about a V6 with a super charger because I don't want the weight of a V8. I also have plans to upgrade the axles so I can run larger tires so the new engine would have to work well with future upgrades. I'd like this Jeep to...
  18. BeatArmy18

    Mechanic said this noise was normal?

    ‘97 4.0 Manual 136k miles. Have this ticking noise when accelerating, gets louder with more throttle. Mechanic said the noise checked out and was normal but I can’t seem to agree. Can I get some thoughts on what it could be? The video I have was from today, in 3rd-5th gear, accelerating...
  19. Whitejeep1999

    Rattle grinding noise when driving

    Hey, So I’ve got something that has progressively gotten worse over the course of the past few weeks and it’s the rattle grinding noise coming from the engine/trans area. The noise is never present at idle but only when in any of the five gears and I’m cruising but on the gas still. Transfer...
  20. J

    2001 TJ Engine Replacement

    I bought a 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 about a year about with a replaced WJ inside. It drove perfectly fine up until about a month ago. Started getting a small 'lifter noise' that would come and go, nothing too bad to the point it was annoying. However, I tried to start the TJ after leaving work and...