1. O

    New Engine For 98 TJ

    I have a 4 cylinder TJ on a 4" lift & 33" tires. I've been thinking about a V6 with a super charger because I don't want the weight of a V8. I also have plans to upgrade the axles so I can run larger tires so the new engine would have to work well with future upgrades. I'd like this Jeep to...
  2. BeatArmy18

    Mechanic said this noise was normal?

    ‘97 4.0 Manual 136k miles. Have this ticking noise when accelerating, gets louder with more throttle. Mechanic said the noise checked out and was normal but I can’t seem to agree. Can I get some thoughts on what it could be? The video I have was from today, in 3rd-5th gear, accelerating...
  3. Whitejeep1999

    Rattle grinding noise when driving

    Hey, So I’ve got something that has progressively gotten worse over the course of the past few weeks and it’s the rattle grinding noise coming from the engine/trans area. The noise is never present at idle but only when in any of the five gears and I’m cruising but on the gas still. Transfer...
  4. J

    2001 TJ Engine Replacement

    I bought a 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 about a year about with a replaced WJ inside. It drove perfectly fine up until about a month ago. Started getting a small 'lifter noise' that would come and go, nothing too bad to the point it was annoying. However, I tried to start the TJ after leaving work and...
  5. Tojeepornottojeep

    P0339 & P0300 codes

    I have 2005 tj 4.0 auto keep getting codes p0339 & p0300 I have changed the camshaft and crankshaft sensor, full service change of plugs & oils etc, injector clean and currently have a ignition capacitor on order hoping that would be the weak link. it runs smooth when start up and idling...
  6. C

    TJ 4.0 Swap to 5.3

    I've been looking into swapping a 5.3 Gen 3 engine to my 99 Jeep 4.0 Thinking of keeping the AX15 Transmission and Original Gauges. It is A LOT of work for sure to do all this, any of you know who does these kinds of swaps around DMV area? And how much? TIA
  7. RizwanTj

    Engine sludge

    I have driven my jeep tj without a thermostat for 4 months and i opened my valve cover for leaky gasket and saw very bad sludge inside. Tried out engine flush of liqi moly but that didn’t work out. what should I do?
  8. Mora

    How accurate is the engine temp gauge?

    Just driving around and the indicator line is slightly past the 210. Don’t know if it’s overheating or if this is something that’s normal. Mind you, it is 95 out right now but I don’t know if that plays into this.
  9. MuffinMan1234

    Pulled engine a TJ with rusted intake valves. 2.5L

    I bought this engine from a company that's supposed to be "refurbished" but the intake valves are rusted and a buddy of mine told me that this engine is toast so I'm here for a second opinion. Will this engine run if i just throw it in?
  10. L

    Aftermarket Camshaft Differences Question

    Ok, newbie here.🙋‍♂️ So, I'm one of those guys that used to ask why every five seconds about everything because I'm curious. Its struck once again. I was window shopping for a camshaft, not saying I'm doing one, just curious as to what there is out there for the 4.0. Naturally I checked out...
  11. K

    Starting the 5.3 swap for my 99 Tj and considering keeping the stock 5 speed

    I’m about to begin the 5.3 swap on my 99 tj. It has the AX15 5 speed in it and I would love to keep it In the Jeep but not sure it’ll hold up. Does anyone have any experience with these transmissions being mated to a v8?
  12. Christian D.

    4.0 knock noise

    I attached two videos of my jeep. Both videos are at the same time but just a sound comparison. I also took off the belt so that way there weren’t any other sounds or noises from the parts all moving. I did an engine swap in January from a local you-pull-it. The motor itself has 120000 miles on...
  13. Mcnenc1

    Engine only starts if I give it gas and turnover at the same time

    2004 4.0l 42RLE (auto) Sahara Engine turns over very very slowly. Won’t start up though until I give it enough gas durning the start up and then and only then it will run smoothly. No rough idling but RPMS drop fairly low while at stop lights? Any thoughts??
  14. Roxanne01TJ

    Knocking when foot off the throttle

    I got a knock when the foot is OFF the gas pedal. It’s definitely coming from the engine. 2.5L 2001 tj with 187k miles. The knock calms down a little bit when warmed up. Any ideas?
  15. Zedd

    I want to buy this Jeep but I need your help

    GF helping me show it off haha. This’ll be my first car. I found my dream 2002 Jeep Wrangler SE. The owner is the 4th owner who got it at an auction. It had been in a collision in which the insurance company deemed it a “totaled car.” Apparently all it needed was the bumper replacement. I...
  16. ScubaLantz

    Engine stalls and 3 mechanics have failed to diagnosis it he problem correctly

    Hello all, I have a 2003 TJ 4.0L Manuel Sport. The engine problems started around a year ago when my ECU died, or at least that was my first diagnosis. I got one through Oreilys from a pick and pull and plugged her in and she ran fine. However after the replacement, I had two new codes...
  17. HarleyMick

    What kind of lube is best for installing bottom end bolts?

    Putting the Titan Stroker back together after replacing cam bearings, etc. What kind of lube is best for installing bottom end bolts? Crankshaft, etc. It will affect the torque, right?
  18. RayDaJeeper

    01' 4.0 wrangler misfiring

    Hello, I’m in need of some help with my 01’ TJ. I’ve had an engine light for my Cat converters about 6 months now but was told by the auto parts guys it was nothing to worry about... well lately I’ve been having issues and I’m thinking I should have worried. On cold starts it starts and runs...
  19. D

    99' Wrangler Sport Bucking and Shaking

    I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L 6Cyl. Whenever I am accelerating from a stop it will start bucking and shaking like if it was going to stall out. This only happens when accelerating from a full stop. When I first turn the car on in the morning, it accelerates fine for the first few stop...
  20. R

    2.5 engine swap: Engine won't run after swap

    Hi All, I posted a while back about recommendations as to why my 97 wouldn't run. A mechanic took a look and diagnosed the camshaft as bad. So, I found a 98 wrangler Tj with a 2.5 and decided that would be a perfect switch. We now have the 98 motor moved over into the 97 frame, all hooked up...