Mechanic said this noise was normal?


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Apr 5, 2022
San Diego
‘97 4.0 Manual 136k miles. Have this ticking noise when accelerating, gets louder with more throttle. Mechanic said the noise checked out and was normal but I can’t seem to agree. Can I get some thoughts on what it could be?

The video I have was from today, in 3rd-5th gear, accelerating, anything throttle above 1800 RPM and gets continuously louder. No noise at idle or out of gear. Sorry for the wind noise, had the doors off.


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Almost definitely a cracked exhaust manifold. Extremely common for 97-99 models. The later models had a two-piece manifold that solved the problem.
With the hood open, stand by the exhaust manifold. Have someone put a rag over the exhaust pipe, while it's running, and see if you hear an increase in the ticking noise.
Thanks all for the replies, I assumed it could be a cracked manifold after seeing it so much on the forum.

Not sure my MPG, I’ll have to check but I haven’t noticed it being thirstier than usual.
Yeap a manifold crack or a bad manifold gasket. A Sound is normal, noise is never normal.
I'm going to replace the manifold and gasket soon. While I'm doing it I'm going to replace the rest of the exhaust by a shop around SD.