Jackson S

Mar 15, 2022
my engine light came on today. the engine doesnt seem like theres anything wrong it sounds all normal. but when shifting into or out of second gear it almost always grinds, this has been happening for a couple months. does anyone know what the engine light is or how to diagnose it?
any help is appreciated cuz it saves me money money
Buy or borrow a OBD2 code reader would be how to pull codes. Its could be literally one or more of dozens of them,something cheap and easy to adress or something costly. BTW, Id give my left huevo for the truck in your avatar :oops:
Your 2001 TJ has a built-in code reader so no external code reader is required to see the code(s) causing your Check Engine light. Simply turn the ignition switch on-off-on three times within five seconds, leaving it in the On position after the third time. Give it a few seconds for the onboard diagnostics to work and then you'll see any DTC (diagnostic trouble code) codes present start displaying in your odometer.

Here's how to define the codes you'll see displayed... https://www.getahelmet.com/jeeps/tech/codes/