1. A

    Head light switch

    ***1998 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0L. U.S. manufactured so no DRL module, headlight switch is the pull left of the steering column. Not the twist like in the 2000 and up*** So trying to diagnose a problem with my headlights. I’ve tracked the issue back to where I think the problem is. When I hot...
  2. Droosk05LJ

    05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule

    As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time. I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do...
  3. L

    97-06 4.0 automatic wiring harness differences?

    Hey, I bought a 2002 tj 4.0 with 32rh automatic, the po replaced the transmission(I don't know if he used thr right year model, or if the year matters) but he said after that he couldnt get it to run and said it was not getting power to the fuel pump! He cut and hacked up the factory wiring...
  4. D

    2006 TJ Rubicon

    We've been working on our Jeep, and I wanted to give an actual review of the Bulldawg Hardtops because when I was researching them, I felt like I couldn't find anything about them, and their site looks dated (and maybe a little untrustworthy for their price point). I also couldn't find many...
  5. D

    245/75 R16 tires on stock 2002 TJ 4.0

    hallo everyone! I’m new in this forum. I’ve just bought a Full stock original 2002 TJ Sahara 4.0 manual and I have stock tires 225/70 R16. I would like to upgrade at 245/75 R16. It’s that possible without modifications? What’s the best recommendation? What’s the biggest tires I can put on stock...
  6. inkedrose

    What do I have? Help me spend money

    Looking to upgrade armor. Have Nth Degree oil pan armor that’s been hit pretty hard a few times and worked. Looking at UCF engine skid. Been reading conflicting info on aluminum vrs steel. Was planning on thickest aluminum. My TC skid I don’t recognize and can’t find any markings, it’s steel...
  7. F

    Parts needed for front cat replacement?

    Forgive me for any ignorance here, but I’m going to be replacing my front cats with the Walker 53461 cats. 2002 Jeep TJ, 4.0, automatic. On rockauto, it told me I need the pipe flange gasket/seal as well, so I went ahead and added the Walker brand one to my cart (in photo). I assume this will...
  8. rawzconn

    SOLD 1997 Sahara Pristine Condition

    Hello all! My name is Ross. I’m not a scammer. I bought a very nice TJ last year for my wife. I have to sell for personal reasons. 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L Garage kept and covered. This TJ is in pristine shape! No dents or chips on the Stone White original paint. 36,000 original...
  9. J

    How do I fix a malfunctioning fog light?

    Hey all, I have a 2001 Sahara with OEM fog lights, of which the passenger side is "out." I bought a replacement bulb, but in the process of taking apart the housing for the 'burnt out' bulb, it ended up lighting up, making me wonder if there is a wiring issue. This lasted for a day before the...
  10. G

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Pre-Purchase Questions

    Guru(s), I am new to the Jeep culture but this will be my first purchase on this brand. My purpose in buying this particular make/model is to experience the good old style(along with a budget not to exceed $12K) plus stick shift, 2dr as my preference and ultimately enjoy the open-top experience...
  11. W

    04 TJ 4.0 manual transmission Radiator

    My 04 TJ’s radiator has a leak at the bottom. I hear MOPAR is the best but I haven’t been able to find one. What aftermarket brands are people using and recommended?
  12. C

    3 wire led light help

    I’ve wired up my 3 wire 3/4” led light to my front turn signals. They function correctly when the headlights are off. When I turn the headlights on they don’t flash. How do I wire these up correctly? My intentions are to remove the corner/marker lights. 2001 tj Thanks
  13. inkedrose

    This things a beast! Only $45k

    Found this on the FB. The 4 seater part is cool, haven’t seen that. What they’re asking isn’t in my tax bracket
  14. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Vintage Style Decal Ideas

    I’m interested in the look of the old CJs but call me what you like I’m not willing to deal with a CJs ride so I’d like some retro decal ideas that might go well with my Jeeps yella I’ve got ideas in mind like the old renegade decals but there’s so many that I’m lookin to see what others have to...
  15. MrV7

    Transmission Reinstalled, Jeep won't start

    Ahoy! SoI finally got my new clutch, fly wheel, and old transmission/transfer case put back in the LJ. Went to turn her over and she did not want to start. 4.0, 6speed, 231 Battery is reading 12.7, can hear the starter pop out. Shifters in neutral, clutch pushed in, go to turn the key and...
  16. J

    Going from 4" lift to 3" lift?

    Hi all, first time poster long time reader. As the title states I'm playing with the thought of going from a 4" lift to 3" suspension lift. Picked up a 2000 wrangler sport that has a bare bones 4" RC lift with a 1" t-case drop. Currently running 285/75 16s with 1.5" spacers and stock steering...
  17. MakerOfRain21

    Turn signal sound (click) remains on

    TJ Electrical issue I have attached a video to indicate my problem. Essentially the turn signal "click" stays on, along with the parking lights unless I pull those 2 plugs shown in the video. I have no idea how this happened as it was fine 2 days ago. The problem stays and makes the click sound...
  18. W

    Hydraulic cylinder attached to steering, I don't think its hydro assist?

    Hey, everyone. I've got what's essentially a stock TJ here and it has this cylinder attached to the steering. These are pictures taken from the modded one I bought, swapping engines and lift and all due to bad frame. They both have this, and I don't think it's hydro assist, because it looks...
  19. G

    Bad Manual PCM?

    I have an 06 4.0 manual that is bone stock (yes, original owner). When starting out, the Jeep has started to stall and even die (pretty embarrassing in traffic). When it dies, depressing the clutch will not save it, but it will fire right back up. After a couple months of very light driving, it...
  20. ajbown2007

    Turn signals do not work

    I have a jeep tj 2004 my blinkers do not work at all have checked the fuse and replaced the blinker column