Bad Manual PCM?


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Dec 20, 2023
Lake Stevens, Wa
I have an 06 4.0 manual that is bone stock (yes, original owner). When starting out, the Jeep has started to stall and even die (pretty embarrassing in traffic). When it dies, depressing the clutch will not save it, but it will fire right back up. After a couple months of very light driving, it started to stall out at highway speeds and even died coming up to a stop sign...that's the last time I drove it.
Looking through the history with similar issues and I can only find where people report stalling out at 2500 RPM and issues with the cam sensor. @Wranglerfix was in a thread talking about a bad PCM on one, but that was for an auto I believe and I get the sense that the manual PCM's are more dependable and reliable.
I'm not a gear head, but fairly competent with direction. Looking to see if anyone out there would know a great place to start eliminating options.
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I've got a P0161 right now on my 05 6-Speed, and while this can be a bad O2 sensor in Bank 2 Sensor 2, it is also a code for a faulty PCM. So far it hasn't affected driveability. It would be odd to me if it was the O2 sensor because I replaced them about 6 years ago with NTK sensors. I'm going to start there though.
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@GoldenEagle06 I apologize for the delay in responding. Stalling while driving, faulty o2 sensor readings and loss of gauges are the three main symptoms of a faulty pcm. Please give me a call to discuss in further detail.
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