1. jimstj

    Stalling, overheating and poor fuel economy

    Guys, I am having a problem with my TJ I was hoping you might be able to help me with. I know this is long, but I wanted to provide all the info as I think the pattern has multiple factors. 2002 TJ 4.0L 5 spd 4.56 gears 63k original miles with 33’s updated to remove commentary, I know this is...
  2. Zach O'Neill

    Stalling when at running temp

    Hi all, firstly apologies as I've posted about this issue a couple times and in different places but im still having issues and in need of some advice, and am hoping that by posting again it might gain a few new eyes and some new interest. I recently picked up an 04 TJ 4L with the 42rle auto...
  3. P

    RPMs get so low that my TJ almost stalls

    Hey guys I’m not sure how to word my question other than after I drive my 98 TJ for about 20 minutes on the highway if I stop somewhere or at a light or drive thru my RPM’s go way down to the point of stalling and when I push on the gas it doesn’t rev. It only happens when I drive it a lot that...
  4. W

    Need advice. Stalling after cold start.

    I just bought a newly built 1998 wrangler with (with 5.7L V8) but I'm sad to report it's been consistently stalling when I turn out of a stop sign after a cold start in the morning. It runs perfectly great when warmed up so I've isolated the issue to a cold start. It originally had a FiTech go...
  5. Andresme

    Engine dies randomly

    My 4.0 keeps dying randomly. I threw a new mopar crankshaft positioning sensor at it a few weeks ago thinking that would fix it and forgot about it. This Sunday it happened again and got it towed to a mechanic. He said he checked all my grounds, relays, fuel pressure, and fuses. At first he...
  6. Chapman4266

    Bucks hard taking off

    I have researched and have not found my exact problem. Here it is. 06 Rubi 6 speed 94k. It just started this. Taking off, only rarely, it stumbles hard one time as soon as i start moving. I call it a hard buck. I have had a CEL for months, and after it bucks the one time, the CEL disappears...
  7. toverbey21

    Stall but restart after resetting CPS

    99 TJ 4.0 manual. I seem to be losing communication from the Cam sensor/distributor pick up to the ECU. The jeep dies when coming to a stop or once letting off the gas to stop. I lose all gauges and get the No Bus code on the dash. i tracked down the sensor causing the issue to the cam /...
  8. T

    PCM Failure Diagnosis

    Hello all. I wanted to gauge opinions. I had some issues a year ago where the jeep just wouldn't crank (turn key, nothing happened). I thought it was the starter, which I replaced but it continued happening. Then within the last few weeks my jeep started stalling randomly. It only happens after...
  9. Woody_7

    Stalling at idle

    I've been trying to figure this problem out for a few months now... I drive a 99' Automatic in the past few months i have been having very rough starts (basically wont start unless i give it gas while turning the key) on top of that nearly 75% of the time i stop at red lights and stop signs the...
  10. Stellaplease

    It wasn't the PCM: What else could it be?

    I originally took my jeep in when I thought I was having a misfiring issue. In any gear the jeep starts to stall like it's not getting fuel. Take my foot of the gas and press back down it works. When this happens all the gauges lose power and the check engine light temporarily comes on. But as...
  11. S

    2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited stalling when I come to a stop

    My 2012 Jeep Wrangler stalls about 1/3 of the time when I come to a stop- like at a red light, stop sign, or when I am shifting to from drive to reverse or from reverse to drive. I have taken it to the local Jeep dealership where they had it for three weeks and could not get a code. They asked...
  12. D

    99' Wrangler Sport Bucking and Shaking

    I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L 6Cyl. Whenever I am accelerating from a stop it will start bucking and shaking like if it was going to stall out. This only happens when accelerating from a full stop. When I first turn the car on in the morning, it accelerates fine for the first few stop...
  13. Mar

    Bad Crankshaft Sensor

    Got everything up and running finally after a long winter. Went for a drive in the morning and everything was running smoothly. Then in the afternoon went for a drive and within 1 mile started stalling (I have a 2002 Wrangler X 6cyl automatic). I was able to shut down and restart, but kept...
  14. rogerbennett

    Issue With Stalling/Hesitating

    Hi, I'm a first-timer on here - I've got an ongoing problem with my Wrangler TJ Sahara. It's a 2000 model year, 4.0 auto-trans with 202k miles on it. I've owned it since 2002 when it had 18k miles. It has always ran great until the past year - now it randomly stalls/loses power and I can't find...
  15. Joshua DeWitt

    Stalls when clutch is in and in neutral

    Hi there, I have a manual 2003 TJ that started stalling when my clutch is engaged and is in neutral. Recently I have been following the brake in procedure for my new ring and pinion, While I was driving the other day My jeep stalled out and lost all power when I would engage the clutch and and...
  16. Brian Moore

    Code P0135: upstream O2 sensor?

    I know its for the upstream O2 sensor. But i was wondering if that would cause backfire and stalling.
  17. C

    Jeep feels as if it is stalling

    My girlfriend’s Jeep is a 2000 2.5 L auto. Lately whenever she comes to a stop it feels as if it is going to stall, even though it is an auto. When she goes to press the petal she said that it feels like trying to start from second in a manual. Almost as if the motor feels bogged down. I suspect...
  18. Isaac

    Stalling on down shift

    my jeep will shift fine but when I down shift it stalls out the clutch will be in just dies on me ?!
  19. Wes london

    Stalling in drive through

    Ok so on top of the key switch problem, There is a random stalling while trying to go through a drive through. Replaced plugs and still does it. Cleaned out throttle body. Still persists. Ordered tps and map sensor. Wrong ones came in. Few months ago I replaced the muffler and catalytic...
  20. Kris11

    Stuttering / Stalling Problem

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem as me. For about a month now my jeep has been stuttering and stalling at random times while I drive it. I brought it in to the stealership 3 times and they charged me 130$ in total for getting their techs to look at it for an hour or...