1. ajbown2007

    Turn signals do not work

    I have a jeep tj 2004 my blinkers do not work at all have checked the fuse and replaced the blinker column
  2. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Engine swap ideas

    I’ve been reading a lot about swapping an engine and I’ve asked a lot of people about swapping an engine. Some people tell me to go all out and swap a 5.7 Hemi into my wrangler and others tell me to put a 4bt in my wrangler, even going as far as to say a kubota and I’m just wondering what you...
  3. B

    Utah Sold

    The TJR has been sold. Thank you to all the great members on this site, maybe one day I will be back
  4. T

    SOLD 2004 Tj Rubicon

    2004 Tj Rubicon (No Hood stickers) 41,200 miles 5 speed manual transmission 4.88 gears Yukon WU-07 front hub kit and chromoly axles Revolution rear chromoly axles Power steering cooler Smittybilt XRC 9500 lb winch with new line and TRE eye. 3" Bds lift w/ 1" spacers Skid Row engine skid plate...
  5. P

    Forgot to put TJ in gear while flat towing. What now?

    Made a boneheaded mistake flat towing our TJ (2001, manual transmission) today. Put the transfer case in neutral but forgot to put the stick in gear and left it in neutral, too. Towed it about 160 miles on the highway before remembering and hopping out to get it in gear. Still got a ways to go...
  6. techjeeper

    The Pickle / Jurassic Pickle, Nostalgia Build With My Kids

    I’ve been a jeep guy for 22 years now 15YO to 37YO(present). My 2 older kids are 12 and 14 so I figured it was about time to get their hands on a vehicle and start learning about tools, repairs, upgrades, etc. The only vehicle I really know well enough is the venerable Jeep TJ. I started looking...
  7. inkedrose

    Almost flopped

    Been a thread recently about "is my cage good enough". Came way too close to testing mine yesterday. Landed rubber side down. Won't let me post video for some reason but a series of bad decisions got me here lol. Sometimes need to push the line to know where exactly it is
  8. TeflonTrout

    Need help troubleshooting starter and P0301 issue

    Hey y'all, I'm at my wits end trying to solve this issue plaguing my TJ for a while now. Here's a basic run down of what's going on: 1) A while back I was having some starter issues. I would turn the ignition and nothing would happen, the jeep had power but no cranking. If I jiggled the brown...
  9. inkedrose


    Had my mom in town so took her up T-33 to the plane crash. Marine plane went down in the 60s, memorial site up top
  10. N

    Is this rust too much or okay for purchase?

    Hi Guys pretty new in Jeeps, but decided to join the "army" :) Found this 1999 model TJ on Dana44 pretty nice inside outside and took few pics under...would appreciate if someone give me some nice and honest opinion how bad or good or ok is this one or should I just walk away? Owner says no rust...
  11. inkedrose

    First lap through Kelly Flats

    Took my first run through Kelly Flats, in Northern Colorado. Made it up Heart Attack Hill and through the Chutes without winching or any bypasses. Watched a buggy flop on its side and a guy on 40's (I'm on 35's) get hooked up right before it was my turn into the Chutes. Wish I had video of...
  12. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Best in-between shocks?

    I’m looking to get new shocks for my TJ typically I’d go with Fox 2.0 shocks but I daily and off-road my Jeep so im looking for the best in between shocks right now I have rough country and when I say I hate them I mean it so I’m just looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance
  13. Marklar1983

    SOLD Bitchin' Red 97 TJ Needs Good Home

    1997 TJ for sale. Mildly built. Great trail runner, daily driver, and starting point for a hardcore build. I’ve owned this Jeep for over a decade and driven all over the hills forests around Reno. Lots of good memories, but now that I’m a family man, it’s time to serious-up; I got an LJ to fit...
  14. DougB

    SOLD Motobilt cage dash tie in builder kit for Jeep TJ LJ

    Brand new Motobilt cage dash tie in kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ. Bought this kit to build upon for a cage in my LJ but found a deal on a complete Poison Spyder cage kit so do not need these. Only unwrapped to take photos. These have been wrapped since I received them. This is the kit -...
  15. C

    Finding a Clockspring

    I am not sure if this has been covered but I am having an issue with the airbag light coming on when I make a right turn. Talking to other owners and research i decided to replace my clockspring on the column. I called my local Mopar dealer and was told "That part has been discontinued." No...
  16. Lorado

    Continuing oil pressure issue with 4.0

    Hi all A little over a year ago I bought a 97 tj sport 4.0 manual. It currently has 135k on it. When I first got it I noticed low oil pressure when warm so I started with the pressure sender, then a high flow oil pump. Then this past weekend finally got around to main bearings and then a...
  17. U like dat TJ

    Tj quadratop in spice pictures?

    Just wanted to get some pictures of the quadratop adventure top on some of y’all’s rigs.
  18. BeepBeep

    California Set of Blue Fenders

    Front left and right TJ fenders. Very good shape, straight metal, normal wear, no major scratches. Willing to ship at buyer's cost. Thank you!
  19. H

    Cant find a rear wiper motor cover for 03-06 hardtop

    So, thanks to my Safelite escapades, they lost 2 of the screws to my rear wiper motor cover and the one they left in the cover they ran in with an impact gun and destroyed it, and just left it in the bed. Part # 55156660AD For the life of me I cannot find another cover online, and any...
  20. M

    The REAL Clutch actuator pedal bushing

    Trying to figure out which part and part number is the real one to use when replacing a broken stock clutch linkage bushing for a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. M stock part broke. It look more like # 1 and # 3 below. But there's conflicting information on line about # 2 being the right one to use even...