1. DougB

    SOLD 2006 LJ springs and shocks

    Selling used take off parts from my 2006 LJ Stock 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ springs front and rear - $30 Gabriel Ultra front shocks for stock height - $20 Monroe Sensatrac rear shocks for stock height -$20 Shocks are gas charged and still extend themselves when compressed. Prices listed for...
  2. DougB

    SOLD Factory TJ LJ front and rear tow hooks

    Take offs from my 2006 LJ Front bumper tow hooks with mounting hardware - $25 + shipping Rear tow hook with partial hardware (missing 1 bolt) - $20 + shipping Package deal: $35 for all plus shipping.
  3. JTR

    Jeep TJ build JTR

    So I'm a complete noob when it comes to the Jeep brand. Although for short period of time I own the XJ. I never got that big into Off roading. I was mostly a big Harley guy but now on entering into the Jeep world. So might seem silly but I don't know if my jeeps lifted or not. I purchased it...
  4. FoJeeper

    Looking for rear bumper recommendations

    Greetings fellow Jeepers, I recently purchased a 97 TJ and great shape and low miles. Super excited to have a Jeep again, my first being in 83, a beautiful red CJ7. So, the oversized spare tire (33" BFG K02) on the stock rear tailgate squeaks pretty much on every small bump. I was looking...
  5. EventHorizon

    5 year TJ owner, new to the forum

  6. W

    Can’t seem to find a 03-06 lower steering shaft anywhere

    Hello All, I have a 2003 TJ X with the 4.0 in it. Im looking at getting a new lower steering shaft as i have a ton of play in my steering and i believe this is my issue. Im running 33x12.5 tires, i can find the 97-99 steering shafts but having an issue with ones that fit a 03. Any ideas?
  7. 2005LJR

    Idaho JKS adjustable front Trackbar

    I pulled this off to replace it with a dual shear setup, cleaned out the grease channels and joint. It came off of a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, but is a universal fit. Price is OBO, does not include shipping
  8. Drc1340

    Biggest subwoofer set up in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I’d like to ask out of curiosity who thinks they have the baddest sub set up, and what are your specs. This has been a question for me since I did a massive audio set up in my Jeep Wrangler tj. So let’s hear what set up you got what amp and sub and what watts you’re running. Thanks
  9. gpens

    Bump stops rubbing coils

    Hey all, first time posting. As the thread says, my bump stocks are rubbing on my springs. I took my jeep wheeling last weekend in the snow. There were a couple of times I hit some holes that were iced over and broke through and came down pretty rough. Idk if this could have caused the bump...
  10. C

    Drop pitman arm questions

    I have heard many things and just want to here some opinions on a drop pitarm. I have a 98 Jeep Wrangler tj with 3 inch spring lift and 2 inch spacer lift. Most people say to just keep it stock one? How do I know it is stock or not? I will post a picture of my drop pitarm when I can.
  11. Canadian_Crush

    JK Poison Spyder tub mounted tire carrier on TJ tub

    Hey everyone, It’s my first post, so I apologize if this topic already exist. I’m looking for advice or resources regarding the possibility of mounting a JK Poison Spyder tub mounted swing out tire carrier to my 2000 TJ tub. Has anyone mounted this tire carrier to a TJ before? If so, how was...
  12. jacobmusselwhite03@gmail.

    Weird Gator Skin Seats

    Hey guys I bought this 1999 TJ about 6 months ago and she has some Gator skin seats. The guy I bought it from mentioned them and said they were from a previous owner. I originally planned to sell them (They've grown on me now). But I wasn't able to find any thing about these seats online and...
  13. C

    Jeep TJ 98' upgrades

    Ok so here's the skinny I have a 98' wrangler, inline 6, 30" tires, hard and soft top. pretty rusty frame. basically everything is factory. I drive it only in the summers with the top off and on the road. very rarely off road, in fear of the body falling off the frame. I have around 500-1k to...
  14. smjacobson

    Nevada One owner 2006 TJ Rubicon with 42k miles

    2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon with Hard and Soft Tops 41,897 current mileage Deep Beryl Green Pearl Coat Paint Tru-Lok (Locking) differentials in both Heavy Duty Dana 44 front and rear axles Original MSRP Window Sticker Original Pristine 2006 brochure Indiana Title in hand This TJ Rubicon has...
  15. C

    Transmission Clunk When Engaging Clutch

    Okay so I've had this problem for a while now where when I engage and sometimes disengage the clutch, I hear a clunk noise. The sound is coming from the transmission. Could it be the clutch or the actual transmission? Thoughts? We checked every possible thing that could be causing this...
  16. H

    98 TJ electrical issue (gauge cluster dead)

    1998 TJ that recently had a very dead battery. It would start and run (albeit a bit rich) just fine with a jump. When it was revved a bit or after a while of charging the gauge cluster would come back to life. After the latest jump it hasn't woken up. The battery itself has been replaced with a...
  17. Scrantonicity97

    What will I need to go from a 245/75R15 to a 265/75R16 tire?

    Newb to the forum. This is my first post. Had my 04 rubicon for awhile now and really wanting to do a minimal lift to go up to a 265 75 16 tire. Thought about the ome route but seems a bit expensive for me. And trying to stay away from spring spacers that are too big. Got some h&r springs...
  18. Lax22

    03 X frame swap and freshen up

    A couple months ago I went to buy some parts from a guy that was parting out an 03 TJ. I had only intended on buying the steering box for a hydro assist project and I ended up buying the whole Jeep. it’s an 03 TJ X with 124k miles, 4.0 Auto, working AC, new Bestop soft top, and a rust free...
  19. S

    Seals / weather stripping for the interior to keep out water?

    Whats a good brand of seals or site that has seals for all the nooks and crannies to keep the rain sleet and snow out of a tj? I have been looking and either they dont fit well from reviews or they reject my payment for some weird reason (maybe out of stock). I want to replace all the seals for...