1. Lax22

    SOLD Steinjager Transfer Case Cable Shifter

    Transfer case cable shifter. Used and worked great, was on an 03 TJ wrangler X with an NP231. It needs 4 bolts and nuts for the trans tunnel bracket, otherwise it’s complete. Looking to get 145 shipped.
  2. S

    WTB: Wanted: 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Full Steel Doors Black - Portland, Oregon

    Looking to purchase some full steel doors for my 1997 Wrangler TJ (2 door). Located in Portland, Oregon. Thanks! Email me at [email protected]
  3. Sgt Jarhead

    SOLD 2003-2006 Jeep Wrangler Seats

    Excellent Condition Front Seats/Rear Fold and Tumble with brackets off a TJ. No Seat Belts. Was going to use it on one of the rigs but now going a different direction. Asking $700 and located in Medford, OR (Hour north of the California Border).
  4. T

    SOLD Tj rear bumper w/receiver hitch

    Rear bumper with receiver hitch and shackle eyes. Made from .250" wall x2"x4" tubing. Local pickup only or trade for something of equal value. Copy of Dirtworks bumper.
  5. P

    RPMs get so low that my TJ almost stalls

    Hey guys I’m not sure how to word my question other than after I drive my 98 TJ for about 20 minutes on the highway if I stop somewhere or at a light or drive thru my RPM’s go way down to the point of stalling and when I push on the gas it doesn’t rev. It only happens when I drive it a lot that...
  6. 0

    Idaho 2005 LJ Rubicon

    2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited Rubicon (LJ), with 97,765 miles. Has four link suspension, new 37" BFG KM3 tires, Dana 44 axles with 4:56 gears and lockers, sway bar disconnects, bumpers front and rear with tire swing, 10k winch with synthetic rope, progressive springs for a smooth ride with mx6...
  7. Abrinjoe

    How do I diagnose VSS (P0500) issue?

    Hey Guys, 2003 Rubicon I've looked through the search bar, but maybe someone else has faced this issue (I'm sure they have), and I would like to ask for guidance to a how-to, or get some feedback. I do have access to a Snap-On obd / diagnostic tool, but not sure how to use it for PCM issues...
  8. 03Jeeper

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    Okay, I'm super new to this so bear with me... I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Well, my daughter has. Anyhow, she launched a rod through the block. This was due to some problem that caused the check engine light to come on. Long story short... New motor is in and same problem: The Jeep...
  9. A

    Ohio 2002 Sahara OEM top, seats

    I have several jeep parts to sell for a 2002 Sahara TJ that was nonsmoker, never off road. OEM Seats: Driver and passenger and rear seats (green / tan). These are in excellent condition — $600 for the set - pickup for pay for shipping OEM Soft Top: I have the frame and there is a top on it...
  10. Lax22

    SOLD Price drop, Auto 2003 TJ Wrangler X (Rust Free)

    My brother is selling his 2003 Moss Green TJ X. It’s a 4.0L 42rle auto trans, 128,000 miles, dana 30/35 with stock 3.73 gears and no 231 transfer case. We swapped a new frame onto this Jeep and refreshed a lot of parts in the process. The cooling system has been refreshed with a new radiator...
  11. njklife

    Whining noise coming from front end at 30 MPH and up

    So I have a 1998 Jeep wrangler Tj (170,000 miles), and I'm running into a issue after I bought it used. When I got back home, started it up and drove down the road the next morning, there was a higher pitched whine coming from what is sounds like the front end at 35-40mph and above. The pitch...
  12. Prometheus

    Jeep TJ Fuel tank

    Hey Guys, I just got back from moab and had a blast. However I did smack my gas tank good on top of the world. It cracked the plastic piece that connects the fill spout to the tank. My quick question is this, I have a 2004 tj sport. I know things changed a bit in the 2003-2006 models compared...
  13. RBrokenLJ06

    LJ Raptor Liner Dilemma

    Alright so I have posted this in the other two forms already but this is the last one on the list and I wanted to get all possible responses. I have been using the forums for years and have finally decided to join. I'll start by saying that I know there is a plethora of Raptor line threads, but...
  14. Joeinnewjersey

    Experiences with prices for paint jobs

    Looking to get my TJ painted and wondering what people on here have paid when getting a new paint job.
  15. E

    SOLD Semi High-Mileage 1997 Wrangler TJ

    Posting this ad with a heavy heart. Lack of space and moving soon I need to post the Jeep for sale. This past year and change of owning it have been great. I originally purchased the jeep to stretch it and to the TJ6 conversion, or something like that. I have fixed, changed and upgraded many...
  16. Dyl

    1997 TJ dry steering test (video link inside)

    Hi all, can you guys spot anything out of place in the steering system or does everything look good in the video?
  17. Slicknick630

    Made a custom fuse / relay block

    Finished up making a accessory fuse block for the TJ! Please post some pics of what you guys have done. I am always looking for ways to improve and new ideas.
  18. Ryan41

    exhaust manifold and catalytic converter replacement

    Hi guys I got a 99 with a noisy rattling cat so i was looking to replace it. Before i order my parts i was looking into where it mounts to the manifold and that didnt look in too good of shape. so I started it up and stuck my hand up there before it got too hot and sure enough on one of the...
  19. jsfoster75

    SOLD **PRICE DROP** 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara TJ Hardtop - Lots of new stuff

    I bought this earlier this year and have spent a considerable amount of money bringing it back to excellent mechanical condition. The only rust spot I’m aware of is on top of the drivers side fender, see photos. To the best of my knowledge, the paint is all original, I have not seen any signs of...