Transmission Reinstalled, Jeep won't start


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Sep 2, 2021
South Florida

SoI finally got my new clutch, fly wheel, and old transmission/transfer case put back in the LJ.

Went to turn her over and she did not want to start.

4.0, 6speed, 231

Battery is reading 12.7, can hear the starter pop out. Shifters in neutral, clutch pushed in, go to turn the key and you just hear the starter click and that’s it. Lights stay on. I just replaced the position sensor before reinstalling cause I smashed the old one when taking it off.

What’s my next move here? My pops thinks the position sensor is bad, or the transmission isn’t mounted right.

Also I don’t know it if matters or not but my transfer case is showing 4WD in 2H. Going to sort that out while I wait for some responses.

Charge your battery, 12.7 is a bit low. Also, check all connections for tightness and corrosion.
if you hear the starter click then your clutch safety & all that are fine. I would look at the battery & quality of connections, especially since you just had all that disconnected.
Alright welp this might be the quickest I’ve posted that I found the problem.

Apperciate everyone’s input!

After watching this video

He mentioned using a fuse in the 20 slot to override the switch.. well I already had a fuse in there for some reason (Can’t remember why, or if PO had put it there cause switch was bad) well remember I just replaced my position switch and I don’t know if the two correlate or not but … I ended up taking that fuse out and it turned right over