1. Tim_with_the_tj

    Fox shocks ride like garbage

    Ok, I just bought the Jeep a few weeks ago. It already had some Fox shocks on it with a 3.5-4 inch lift. I was thinking the shocks were bad so I removed a couple and to my surprise they were still charged up. Seemed to be working fine. Why do they ride like crap? Hmmm. I decided to search the...
  2. JTR

    Best lift kit brand and height (poll)

    I've spent a lot of time online reading many different post. I've heard rough country sucks but they have great reviews online. I heard that OME is fantastic but find a lot of people Consider them fanboyish. So the point of this is to find the over all best suspension brand for when I buy...
  3. A

    SOLD Fox 2.0 Smooth Body Shocks for Jeep JK

    Up for sale is a pair of rear Fox 2.0 Shocks that have never been installed. They were tuned by BDS and are valved for a Jeep JK. Extended length is 25.95" and there is 10.53" of travel making the compressed length 15.42". The reason I am selling unused shocks is because I was lied to by a...
  4. 1Blacktj

    Would having bad ball joints make it very rough going over bumps or cracks in the road?

    So I know a few people have probably asked about this but I wanted to describe my problem. I have had the 3.25 lift from RC on for almost a year now. I know most people don't recommend RC but hindsight is 20/20. for the better part of the last year my Jeep has rode great considering it is a Jeep...
  5. Basiasadie

    Shocks /help!!

    Ughhh so this just happened. I'm going to replace the bolt tomorrow, however the shocks are in serious need of replacement. I'm not sure what lift I have(I know I know but I bought it with it) What shocks would you guys recommend? It's a 2003 Rubicon, I'm not sure of any other info I need. :/...
  6. Eddie

    New shock recommendations?

    Need to replace shocks on a 2000 TJ, mostly daily driver for now, any suggestions?